Official Push and Shove Tracklisting

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No Doubt have revealed the official tracklisting for Push and Shove!

1. Settle Down
2. Looking Hot
3. One More Summer
4. Push and Shove
5. Easy
6. Gravity
7. Undercover
8. Undone
9. Sparkle
10. Heaven
11. Dreaming The Same Dream

15 Replies to “Official Push and Shove Tracklisting”

  1. What happened to Pyscho and Looking Hot?! In the lastest webisode they had the tracklisting written on a dry erase broad and those two were listed,but their is always the possibility of them being used on the Deluxe or as B-Sides.

  2. I agree with Whittney. The ROS b-sides were kick ass.

    I’m a bit disappointed that No Doubt took over a year to do extra songs, then they end up cutting them out anyway. Very, very disappointed.

  3. Does anyone know if it is true that Gravity has been reworked from a slow/dark song into something faster beat and happier?

  4. Kevin, “Looking Hot” is still there; it’s track #2. Thank goodness! It sounds incredible.

    Whitney, yes, I believe so. Tom had mentioned before that the previous version of “Gravity” was “dark and stoney”. He also said that he would like to see it released as a B-side or something.

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