“Looking Hot” Single Released November 9 in Germany

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Universal Germany have now released details (and the single cover!) for the “Looking Hot” single which has a release date of November 9 (but it looks like you can download them digitally now). We are really digging the Navajo-like print with checkers that is… featured on the cover with the Lampoon font logo.

The digital single also features both the unreleased Stephen Hiton “Looking Hot” remix and the “Settle Down” Jonas Quant remix (which was released on the “Settle Down” German single). Click here for more information (it’s in German!)

7 Replies to ““Looking Hot” Single Released November 9 in Germany”

  1. Again the Settle Down (Jonas Quant Remix)? I thought that one was included on the Settle Down single… Anyway was expecting different remixes.

  2. Hopefully they will be adding live tracks on their CD-singles, especially with the Gibson concerts coming soon. 🙂

  3. I hope they do a rock remix, a ska remix, and a Jacques Lu Conte remix. The ska remix could be like Underneath It All and the bridge during the verses, and the chorus could be like Spiderwebs and Sunday Morning with spring ska guitars during the “Go ahead and stare/and take a picture please/if you need/and I think that says it all.” That part is perfectly made for that! Then, during the bridge, it could be like the original bridge, but have Azeila Banks rapping on it!

  4. Interesting art work, I like it. Kind of lame that those remixes are on it though (especially the “Settle Down” one). New remixes would be an incentive to buy the single I would think.

  5. Just a correction, the Looking Hot Remix on P&S Deluxe is by Jonas Quant. So this is a new remix on the LH single (by Stephen Hilton).

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