Official “Looking Hot” Lyric Video

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No Doubt has finally added the “Looking Hot” lyric video to YouTube!

Universal Germany have shared the long-awaited official “Looking Hot” lyric video on their website which features hundreds of fan-submitted photos along with lyrics to the song. It’s pretty cool and we recognize some of our No Doubter friends! Congratulations to all that made the video!

15 Replies to “Official “Looking Hot” Lyric Video”

  1. Why isn’t it on Vevo? I’m really worried how it will hurt the singles success, not having even the lyric video on the highly accessible Vevo. 🙁


    Look at Chart History. “This Song has never charted.” The single has no chance. It’s been out for almost two weeks, and they didn’t promote it enough. This lyric video should have been posted forever ago. It’s too little too late.

    The album was at #81 last week, and now it’s at #108. We’ve got to stop kidding ourselves. This era is a wrap as far as the general public is concerned. There will be no hit from it. It’s a flop. Time to move on. If they’re smart, they’ll head out on tour ASAP. And then straight back into the recording studio.

  3. “This Song has never charted.”

    Straight from Billboard’s official website. “Looking Hot” has had nearly two weeks to do something, and it has done nothing. This lyric video should have been posted forever ago. It’s just a little too late.

    The album was #81 last week, and this week it’s down to #108. The era is over as far as the general public is concerned. There will be no hit. If they’re smart, they’ll head out on tour ASAP. And maybe back into the recording studio right after that.

  4. Crap. Sorry. Didn’t mean to double post. My first comment didn’t show, so I tried restating it without the links. Now they’re both here. :facepalm:

  5. I guess if the AMA’s doesn’t help the single, then it’s over for LH. I want them to succeed on billboard, but the charts aren’t everything anyway. They can still go out on a successful tour next year like they did in 2009. I still want to hear these songs live! Then hopefully they’ll learn from this, regroup, and pump out another album! Or if they don’t want to commit to this anymore, then break up. I hope that doesn’t happen of course!

  6. They chose all the wrong songs to be singles, push and shove should have been a single, WHY was that not a single, one more summer should have been a single, that guitar playing at the beginning would have wowed everyone sigh

  7. Oi! Read this fellow No Doubt fan. Its way to soon to say the album was a flop, it might just crawl right back to the top of the charts. I agree that No Doubt had poor choices in the first singles. If we vote EVERY single day for the peoples choice awards it might be a huge boost! Come on No Doubt fans lets do this! No Doubt HAS to win something!

  8. I remember on iTunes Push and Shove (the song) was in the top 100 at one point. If they had done some more promo maybe it would have caught on? Probably not on radio, but at least sales wise.

    I think One More Summer is overrated among ND songs. That’s one song I always skip over. I don’t hate it, but it’s too mellow. I wish they’d re-record it with a faster pace. THEN I would love it.

  9. the Stones don’t chart anymore. but their fans, they show up. Stones even put out new material recently. did it chart? no, billboards youthful tastes change. fact is, that no doubt is still relevant, and people have a soft spot for them. the fans show up. and likely will continue to. just like the stones. i think we can draw the same parallels after 25+ years.

    the band has to keep on keeping on. after an 11 year break, i was taken aback at how they actually got it together. but i agree with one suggestion… keep recording. keep on keeping on. took a while for ‘TK’ to come together. Not ever album will be a smash with the public. but dammit, this one was worth it for the fans. just hearing them starting the baby step of reuniting, priceless. just keep recording, guys.

    the industry has changed, dumbed down. even still, i don’t look at ND for hits, i look at them for the kind of bare-all tunes they have always made. there’s a nostalgia and nervous sensitivity, self-doubt and longing i’ll always come back for, and let’s hope they persevere.

    the charts want party music. music about being young and high. they are just not there any more. and to some extent, that is good. some of their most enduring tunes came from just ‘not fitting in’. best not to forget that.

  10. I still haven’t heard Looking Hot get arirplay here but I was shopping in Strongsville, OH this week and I heard Gravity (in a store not on the radio) so maybe thats their next single.

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