Official: "Icon" Greatest Hits And New Music In 2011

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Woo! It’s so nice to have official confirmations! No Doubt just posted about the new “Icon” greatest hist CD that will be released on October 5, which features new artwork, hits, and favorites from the band. No new material will be included, but they are also listing 2011 is the year for new music! — No Doubt are in the studio working on a new album, their seventh studio release. If you’ve seen the studio photos and updates the band have been sending via Twitter, you know they have written nine songs so far and are thrilled with the progress they’re making. No Doubt can’t wait to share the new record with everyone in 2011.

No Doubt will have a new catalog release in 2010 for fans that are looking for a lower priced greatest hits collection. The album will be part of the Icon series which features greatest hits and favorites from the most popular artists in music for just $7.98.

“With the band recording a new record for next year we felt it was a good idea to remind everyone of the great music No Doubt has made over the years. We feel the Icon release of No Doubt’s greatest hits is an extremely low cost way to turn a lot of new people on to the band’s great music,” said the band’s manager Jim Guerinot.

The No Doubt Icon release will feature the same track listing as the Singles Collection, including “It’s My Life,” “Just A Girl,” and “Hey Baby,” but with new artwork and at the lower price. The No Doubt Icon release will be available online and in stores November 2, 2010.

3 Replies to “Official: "Icon" Greatest Hits And New Music In 2011”

  1. Ok great but…who’ll buy this greatest hits cd? They already had one back in 2003 and their entire catalog with the dl of Stand and Deliver so what’s the point? The fans already have the music and other ppl won’t reach out for the music if there isn’t any buzz going on. No Doubt have been out of the spotlight too long so I hope they hurry up with the new album before their chances at being big again are shot.

  2. I disagree, ND will never go out of the spot light, if your a true and huge fan you know this. Im 26 and have students that listen to ND and they ask me when they see me wear my ND shirts to school; ” you like NO DOUBT?” “thats cool”, from kinder to grandparents who listen to the band and they love them.

    ND is like the beatles or the rolling stones or Kiss, they will always be big and loved and will always sell out shows, they will forever have a huge fan base and will never be out of the spot light.

    As for this new greatest hits cd, heck yea i’ll buy it just for the new art, even though i have all the albums and singles and its all on my zune, i will still buy it and it will be in my car or in my family room so i can blast that shit for the world to hear.

    IM not worried and no one else should be either, long waits mean kick ass music and its all worth the wait. plus fans are stll on a high from their amazing out of this world summe tour. so trust that they still have a beyound huge fan base and its still growing.

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