OC Weekly Begging For New Album Teaser Like The Rest Of Us

We hear you OC Weekly, loud and clear! Thanks to Kelly for sending in the link to us, friends of BSO and the band OC Weekly just blogged about how all the recent Tweets (Facebook) and song titles are making them more thirsty than ever for the new album and how they want a teaser!

Something funny though, they do list Gwen’s joke “Twatter” as a song title — LOL!

OC Weekly — Ahh, No Doubt’s new album. While we have a bunch of song titles from various Twitter posts and Rolling Stone/Entertainment Weekly articles, we haven’t heard anything from the new album. We did hear that daggering proponents Major Lazer (made up of Diplo/Switch) were collaborating with the guys yesterday, cutting drum tracks with Adrian Young last night–via Twitter, of course! After the jump: more pics, and a list of song titles that we’ve gleaned from Facebook posts.

So far, we know there’s nine songs finished; there’s this list of 10 songs we know they’ve been working on:

1. “Sparkle”
2. “Push & Shove”
3. “Undercover”
4.”One More Summer”
5.”Settle Down”
6. “Gravity”
7. “Twatter” (LOL!)
8. “Dreaming the Same Dream”
9. “Heaven”
10. “Easy”

Dear No Doubt,

We can’t wait! Hurry up and finish it already, please! (Or at least give us a little listen!)

9 Replies to “OC Weekly Begging For New Album Teaser Like The Rest Of Us”

  1. This might of been discussed before, but i just noticed “Sparkle” was listed as a track recorded, and if I’m not mistaken, Gwen also recorded a track with the same title for the Sweet Escape album that never got released. Recycled track?

  2. Yes, “Sparkle” was a track Gwen was working with Dave Stewart on for The Sweet Escape. At this time, we’re thinking the band might have re-done the track for them, but who knows. We’re still excited to hear it though. We will have to see!

  3. Oh ok, thanks for the rely. I didn’t read the whole article and thought this site put that list up. My bad!

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