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  1. SUCH a gorgeous photo! Thanks so much to Gwen for trying so hard to post the pic!! We can never say it enough how much we LOVE ND!!!

  2. Gwen has always been able to write since she had so much pain. Now she needs to focus on happy times like Hella good. She is way too comfortable in life. She needs to step beyond herself and bust out happiest times ever. Go back to the way Disneyland makes you feel. Welcome to the lyricless kingdom!!

  3. I wouldn’t say that Gwen is too comfortable-she has said in interviews since marrying and having her children that even though she feels she has a great life that she still has problems like everyone else,including how to balance everything in her life.We know that ND has been working on songs;I’m confident that whatever Gwen has been writing about it will result in an amazing album. 🙂

  4. I got so excited when I saw these, I made the one of Gwen my desktop wallpaper. Even lounging around in the studio she looks stunning!

    I’m sure that once she gets focused she will have no problem writing tons of new material. She once said (during a meet and greet during the 2009 tour) that when she’s having writer’s block she hates writing but once the block clears writing is really fun.

    I really can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us, its going to be awesome!

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