#nodoubt @nodoubt On Twitter Today!

All of our friends at the official No Doubt community are getting together and holding a trending topic event for #nodoubt this afternoon! Our goal is to get the word out about the band in honor of them being back in the studio! It might be pretty hard, but if we all pull together and mention the band in our Tweets one or the other, we can try and get them on top! Here is a little bit more information from the forum — I’ll bold the important parts for everyone and the rules to making them a successful trending topic!


1. Set your account to public. Your tweets will only show on the public timeline and contribute to trending topic if it’s public.

2. Always include the key words #nodoubt and ‘No Doubt’

3. Don’t stop tweeting for the very 1st hour. Tweet every second like crazy, non-stop

4. Tweet what No Doubt songs you’re listening to at the moment.

5. If you run out of ideas just re-tweet the people you’re following.

6. Chat with your followers via @username

7. Again, don’t forget to include #nodoubt and ‘No Doubt’. It’s easier if you copy the keywords and paste them everytime you’re going to tweet.

8. Only use the word #nodoubt ONCE in your Tweet, or it will be counted as spam

So, the hour officially kicks off at 2:00 PM PST, 5:00 PM EST, and 10:00 PM (Europe) — so don’t forget to mention @nodoubt in all of your Tweets! If you receive BSO in your Twitter updates, please RT this post to spread the word! Thanks!

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  1. Hola quien sepa mas de las reglas en español, por favor aclarenmelas, mi usuario es “mrdoubtnot”, gracias

  2. Thanks for posting about this,Jenny! Big thanks as well to everyone who has helped the trending effort,especially I♥ND from the ND forum,whose idea it was to try today.

    It was so much fun this afternoon trying to make ND trend-I think it will definitely happen someday in the near future when there’s more news about the album 😀

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