‘No Doubt We’re Opening’ Documentary

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Fans may remember Noise of Rumors, an up-and-coming band from Los Angeles and huge fans of No Doubt that longed for an opportunity to open for their heroes. Noise of Rumors have been documenting the whole experience and have just released their full No Doubt We’re Opening documentary — and it’s really, really neat.

Late last year, No Doubt reached out to Noise of Rumors and offered them a dream job: to open up for them during their residency in Los Angeles on December 2 at the Gibson Amphitheater. Lead singer Cyn Electric is one of the coolest fans we’ve met and we couldn’t feel any more happier for her and the rest of the band. No Doubt continue to be so incredibly gracious and it really shows that dreams can come true. We wish the best of luck to Noise of Rumors and we congratulate them again on their amazing experience!

Oh, and they were kind enough to give Beacon Street Online and fellow fansite Everything In Time a shout out in the documentary’s credits! They rock so much!

Since I began uploading my music to the internet I’ve been told my sound was similar to that of No Doubt and that my voice closely resembled Gwen Stefani. I’m always very flattered when I get those comments especially because I’ve been a fan of No Doubt since I was 9 years old. I had just started my band and we were coming up with ideas on how we could open for a good band and get our music heard, and that week I had a dream. Our band was at a huge party and we were hanging out with the members of No Doubt talking about a great performance that we had together. When I woke up it hit me!

Why couldn’t we just open for No Doubt? We obviously carried a similar sound and would be a great choice to open for them. But how could we not only get their attention, but convince them to let us open for their next tour? We came up with some crazy ideas and decided to not only go thru with all of them, but document it all and have you go thru the journey with us!

Noise of Rumors

Cyn Electric
Cory Williams
Clair Alyse
Ryan Say

Ryan Say

Noise of Rumors


No Doubt, our fans, family, and friends for making this possible!
The MOB Agency

Click here for more videos and info on their journey to the stage with No Doubt.

5 Replies to “‘No Doubt We’re Opening’ Documentary”

  1. Aww that is so cute :’)
    Really glad for them!!!
    It was nice seeing No Doubt backstage like that……..
    It worried me about you know meeting Gwen or something and it not being the dreamy experience you’d always hoped for!?!? I’m chatting poo though, just being anywhere near Gwen would be a dreamy experience to me but you know… x

  2. What a wonderful and inspiring video! I sat here (when I should be working) and watched the entire thing. I am now a fan. Congratulations- Wow…just WOW!

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