No Doubt Tease Fans With GMA Set List Photo

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No Doubt just shared a teaser photo on their Facebook saying they are getting together the set list for their Good Morning America performance tomorrow morning. Looks like we’ll be getter four songs!

Any guesses as to what they will play?

6 Replies to “No Doubt Tease Fans With GMA Set List Photo”

  1. I first thought that the third one was Dreaming The Same Dream, but we all know that they won’t play any new songs, exception for Settle Down.

  2. um
    Settle down of course-
    don’t speak
    and…. idk
    I want to hear Sunday Morning….I think I’m stuck in Tragic Kingdom Era! lol

    How about
    Settle Down
    Don’t speak
    hella good
    simple kind of life….????

  3. Likes Christals songs I love tragic kingdom era best too. I rather hear just a girl than sunday morning though not hating sunday morning but its friday morning lol

    Love simple kind of life though

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