No Doubt Talks Upcoming Shows and No “Immediate Plans” For New Music


In a new revealing and telling interview with Billboard, Adrian and Tom discussed the band’s upcoming festival tour (including another date being announced in the midwest sometime soon), not having a firm plan for new music and how the No Doubt boys are self-managed and not contracted under Irving Azoff with Gwen.

After rocking out this past weekend in Washington DC for Global Citizen’s Earth Day, the band is eager to hit the road in the next few months for a short festival tour. Tom says, “This year is about playing festivals, many of which we’ve never played before. It kinda feels like the 90s, when we used to play these European festivals as the underdog.”

Adrian confirmed again that the band does not have a timetable on when new music will be released and says they will see what happens. “We don’t have any immediate plans for new music. There was some experimenting going on, but Gwen’s gonna do another solo record and we’re gonna continue to play some more live shows and see what happens from there.”

No Doubt haven’t considered touring in honor of Tragic Kingdom, which is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year in October. “It feels good, it’s quite an accomplishment to have people talk about that record 20 years later. This was just a year to play some festivals.”

An interesting tidbit from the article does reveal that back in June of last year when it was reported that No Doubt parted ways (as a band) with Rebel Waltz, only Gwen had in fact had signed a new management deal with Azoff MSG Entertainment (AMSGE). Adrian says that the boys (himself, Tony and Tom) are currently “self-managed” saying they are in a “little bit of limbo right now.” “… We don’t have a real tour going on or a new record coming so we’ll see where that takes us.”

We recommend checking out the full article on Billboard to also read up on what Tom and Adrian said about performing for Global Citizen and how it was family affair.

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29 Replies to “No Doubt Talks Upcoming Shows and No “Immediate Plans” For New Music”

  1. I really hope that this solo record will be the last that Gwen do and that she finishes it quick… WE NEED MORE NO DOUBT MUSIC AND A WORLD TOUR!

  2. I’m glad they’re not BSing us. But I wonder if they really think gwens gonna actually release another album, or if that’s just a good excuse for no plans on ND

  3. This article backs what was self evident as Gwen walked off stage at the Global Citizen Festival. She had a different expression on her face than usual. She usually exits with joy and enthusiasm, but this time she exited with a slight grimace and barely waved. I hope they find their magic again and that the “Don’t Speak” video doesn’t become self prophetic. I’ve been a No Doubt fan from the very beginning and couldn’t imagine life without them together. However, I’m glad they are still working together and doing festivals.

  4. Well, the guys aren’t BSing the fans, Gwen however, how many times did she say she was working on ND music as well, when in fact she was just lying?

  5. Why must Gwen release another solo album – why can’t she write another album with the band? Surely they can meet halfway when it comes to the style of music she wants to put out there..
    I feel sorry for the guys.. Gwen has turned into an industry puppet, it’s no longer about playing and performing the music they love – it’s just gwen allowing herself to be manipulated by management to produce shitty music just to make more and more money.. Spark the fire was just terrible…

  6. Well, somehow we got confirmation that Gwen’s album will come out. I think she might release it later this year then. So I’m pleased!

  7. I think Adrian knows as much as we do about Gwen’s moves. Them not being under the same management got me a bit worried, so it’s her manager vs the boys when it comes to decision making?
    I just think it’s a shame not doing anything to celebrate TK 😐

  8. I don’t think the guys know what Gwen is doing. Nobody does, not even Gwen herself. All I’m getting from this interview is that ND are pretty much over and will never release anything new again. They don’t even have a management anymore? I don’t know what happened to them during and after P&S, but I feel like this “flop” changed everything. It pains me so much to see this band dying such a slow and horrible death.

  9. It sounds like the boys are just left hanging 🙁 such a shame if they are still passionate about making music but they are stuck because they are depending on Gwen for that, when Gwen is more invested with her family and her vanity (literally) projects.

  10. Gwen doesn’t need to be defended but I thought I should say that the guys also have some side projects going on. At the end of the day I applaud Gwen for doing so much out of her comfort zone. Y’know if she didn’t half of that stuff No Doubt would be a band like Garbage or The Cranberries. At least No Doubt is still headlining festivals.

  11. As far as I know Garbage and is more active than No Doubt lately. Gargabe had been touring (around the world) to promote their last album. And they are now in studio recording a new one and unlike No Doubt they will do a mini tour to celebrate their debut album. Garbage is a fine example for ND. They dropped their label and are making music freely just for the love of it. No Doubt has been on this loop for too long now and it’s has come to a point where old die hard fans are disappointed, we just needbto look around some comments around BSO to confirm that.

  12. As much as I agree with almost all of u, I still don’t think its fair to compare ND, to such smaller known bands like garbage or the cranberries. Gwen had the freakin First Lady in her home, and they’ve played for Obama, Oprah & Paul McCartney, in recent years! Grammys, super bowl etc etc! Shirley whoooo? & I don’t even know the lead singers name from the cranberries LOL

  13. & that’s no disrespect to Garbage or Cranberries, I love them both—- but none of them have had ND success, and neither have had there lead singer leave for a huge solo career

  14. Shirley did not release her solo album, to not have her solo efforts compared to another lead singer doing her thing at the time. Her stuff was dark and not as happy as Gwen’s solo. Her record label wanted her to change and she did not, so the project was canceled. Was ND that big outside the US and some European countries? I mean, here in South America they do have some loyal fans, but not enough to fill a stadium or a book a venue for them only, here they are a festival act only, such as Garbage is.
    You listed all these BIG accomplishments, what good those are doing for the band lately? It does wonders for the Gwen Stefani brand, to the rest of the world ND is a act of the late 90s that has faded away. Some will say I’m cynical among other compliments, but I’m calling like I see it, due to my reality of being a fan outside the US, the band does not have that exposure here, and that is the reality for other countries as well. If they ever wish to be relevant again, they need to work for it, put out new music and promote the hell out of it, otherwise ND has become the new REO Speedwagon of pop, playing festivals with the same old songs.

  15. @cynthia, I guess I am speaking from an American point of view, but even so on a global scale I still think at least Gwen Stefani is bigger than both combined. I agree with u 100% that if they want wider success they will have to work for it

  16. Maybe No Doubt isn’t interested in being that band of the 90s anymore. They’re being realistic. They simply can’t travel the world like the old times. Probably they don’t have the energy anymore.
    To be honest I think it’s amazing they’re still doing these shows. If they had called it a day by now we’d all be wishing they’d hit the road again at some point. I think most fans are being selfish. I’m not happy with their setlist choices but I applaud every landmark they accomplish in their careers.
    It’s like this fan was saying on BSO’s FB page that they “must break up”. What? Just because they can’t travel to her country to play a fucking gig? Last time I checked it’s their career and choice to decide whatever they feel like. The band is still together, probably falling apart, but that’s not the point. I think we should be more supportive and cherish every moment. I can’t go to these festivals but I’m glad they’re playing. At least they’re doing something as a band.

  17. It feel like it’s 2004 all over again. Remember when No Doubt only toured in U.S in the summer of 2004 for the Singles tour with Blink-182 and then Gwen released her solo album LOVE.ANGEL.MUSIC.BABY.

    So I guess Gwen will release this 3rd solo album of hers sometime this year in September or maybe at the end of the year in November / December. We’ll never know, only time will tell.

  18. I just think it’d be wise for her to release her next single along with the album. I just hope it’s a strong single though. Not sure if Star A War should be released now. Basically she’s starting from zero again.

  19. Maybe it’s not Gwen’s fault. Maybe ND don’t even have a clear direction of what kind of music they want to create. I think Push and Shove was a good indication of that… I would rather they not put anything out if they aren’t that inspired and focused. At least with solo Gwen she can really experiement with different producers and sounds. BDL and STF were underwhelming, but I still think there’s a better chance of her coming up with something more interesting than ND at this point. If ND do another album eventually, they need to make a clean break from P&S in my opinion. 

  20. I don’t think it’s Gwen’s “fault”. I think she just has less inspiration when it comes to songwriting. She had so much more to say during TK/RoS, and then RS was just a fun, inspired party album. Now she’s settled and dedicated to raising her kids, and it seems like she doesn’t use music as a creative outlet like she used to. How many songs can she write about Gavin being secretive and her being disappointed? That’s like half of RoS, half of RS, and half of P&S.

    Also, I think them all having families has just changed their priorities. They don’t want to be up all night writing, traveling the world on busses, partying, etc. Garbage is great and have a small, dedicated fanbase, but Shirley also doesn’t have any kids and can devote her time to touring.

  21. Kate, a lot of female singers have/had children and kept working and touring, so I don’t think that’s a valid excuse to use, that does not mean that those singers were not dedicated parents as well. ND’s problem is not having children of their own. Sometimes I have a feeling they lost interest a long time ago…

  22. You can’t have it all when you have kids. Something has to give when you work and it usually means putting the children in the back seat. Good for Gwen on choosing to be with her children, it is hard work!

  23. Her children will thank her later for being a good mother and always being there. I applaud her for that. Her family comes 1st.

  24. Maybe if she gave up some of her other 500 side projects, she’d have time for her kids and her music… Just saying…

    I agree that you can’t have it all, but obviously Gwen chooses plastic watches, cartoons, lipstick and nail polish over music. I can see how it’s hard for her to balance everything, but nobody forces her to do all these things. She always talks about how all these things just happen to her and how she is overwhelmed all the time and I just think no, things don’t just happen. You choose them, so don’t be surprised that you’re overwhelmed. It’s a matter of time management and priorities. Gwen could easily have her family 1st and still record new music with ND, if she didn’t have all these other things going on. I feel like “she has kids now” has become this absurd excuse for everything. The kids aren’t the problem imho. She is divided and doing too many things at once and that’s the real problem.

  25. i agree YYY, it’s sad, i feel like she’s gone one path and the boys another, even if they never made music again i don’t like to think of them not being best buds anymore.
    i would have even gone as far as to hope that if the management company were talking about only renewing her contract she would have said no, not unless the rest of the band was included…
    i just don’t know what’s going on with them anymore, it doesn’t feel good though..

  26. YYY, see I don’t think that’s a problem. It’s her life and her options. If she decided to get involved in those projects it’s because she feels fulfilled doing them. Maybe music in also one of the many projects she’s into. I don’t think we should constantly tell her what to do. It’s up to her. When the album is finished it will be released. We just need to understand that this isn’t 2004 anymore. Things have changed. Her priorities aren’t the same. At least she’s active and doing things.

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