No Doubt Shows Raise Doubt About Ticketmaster


Eh, this is turning out pretty bogus. The tour club for one was impossible to access at the designated time for me, eck. I don’t want to badmouth it, and we are very lucky to be attending 3 shows this time around, but anyways. We got tickets for Seattle and Fresno and Las Vegas next week. But it looks like Ticketmaster is having problems too.

UPDATE: As of Thursday morning, listings of tickets for No Doubt’s tour had been pulled from the Ticketmaster-owned resale site and replaced with a message advising site visitors that “No Doubt tickets are currently unavailable.”

There’s no question that No Doubt is planning to close its reunion tour on its old Orange County turf with performances July 31 and Aug. 1 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.

But those shows raise the question of how efficiently Ticketmaster is following through on its recent agreement with the New Jersey attorney general’s office to change the way it operates its resale operation.

On the same day that Live Nation announced that tickets would be put on sale March 7 for No Doubt’s Irvine concerts, already listed 57 tickets for those shows for sale for prices ranging from $70 to $854 (screenshot at left). That was also more than 24 hours before presale tickets would be offered to members of the group’s Tour Club. (One of’s competitors,, also shows ticket listings for those No Doubt shows with prices running from $76 to $342.)

Under the agreement, Ticketmaster promised “not to allow the sale or offer of sale of any tickets on the re-selling website until the initial sale begins on its primary website,” according to the statement issued Monday by Atty. Gen. Anne Milgram’s office. That deal also led to Ticketmaster’s vow that “all tickets it receives for sale to the general public will be sold on its primary market website.”

Fans in other areas have complained that the practice has continued this week, with also offering resale tickets for upcoming shows by Leonard Cohen and Brad Paisley, among others, before they’ve gone on sale through primary ticket outlets.

A Ticketmaster spokesman said today that the is an open forum for anyone wanting to resell tickets and that listings may be posted by individuals or other brokers. He said Ticketmaster has committed to removing all such listings manually before the official sale date of affected shows, and noted that presale listings for Cohen tickets have been removed.

The chiefs of Ticketmaster and Live Nation are in Washington this week testifying before Congress about their proposed merger and addressing state representatives’ concerns that the merger would result in a monopoly of the live entertainment industry.


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