No Doubt Rumored For Soundwave 2013

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The festival rumors continue! This time, sources are saying that No Doubt are likely to headline Australia’s Soundwave festival in 2013. Apparently one of the coordinators was quoted replying to a fan when asked if they were performing, saying “yes, they are”. It might be a little too early at this point to schedule stuff — but who knows, especially with festivals! We’ll keep our eyes on this for all you Aussie fans! Adrian has confirmed though that the band would like to tour the world in 2013. At this time, there isn’t a scheduled date for the festival.

Music Feeds — As you probably might know already, No Doubt have been working on their comeback LP over the past few months after a lengthy hiatus between albums. Then there will be the inevitable tour schedule to follow, which is almost likely to include Australian dates at some point.

We’re now seeing some good signs that their Australian dates might follow along the lines of an appearance on the Soundwave 2013 lineup. Some past tweets from AJ Maddah have given us some clues, starting with one back in October just prior to the SW12 announcement, where he hinted that the would try and get them for this year’s lineup, saying, “No Doubt are recording their new album in Feb. Hopefully SW13″.

He’s also noted that we’ll get some Ska back for the next event, when he enthusiastically replied to a request from a fan. This morning he answered a fan’s question about whether they would tour here anytime soon, saying, “yes, they are”.

The last time No Doubt were out here was 2002, playing 3 shows: one at The Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, and two at the Festival Hall in Melbourne. Since then Gwen Stefani visited us in 2007 in support her two solo albums.

Their new album, which was only yesterday titled Push and Shove, will be the band’s follow-up to 2001′s Rock Steady. The first single Settle Down will be released in July along with a video clip that sees the band once again team up with Sophie Muller, who oversaw the clips such as Don’t Speak and Simple Kind of Life.

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