No Doubt Reveals To Buzznet Tour Will Have 'Clockwork Orange' Inspired Theme


Woah! First off, give big thanks to Dave for taking care of the updates while we were out today, second A Clockwork Orange? Are you kidding me! Okay, let me back up. Tom revealed to Buzznet today that the upcoming tour will have A Clockwork Orange theme, a very strange, punk-cult movie, one of our favorites. Gwen was actually the one to come up with the idea and the tour will have a very elaborate stage setup for it. Wow, this is going to be amazing! Tom also said that “Stand and Deliver” was finished last night, and it not be released on the upcoming album or as a single. No Doubt will be taping their segment for their Gossip Girls appearance next week.

This morning I got the opportunity to talk to No Doubt’s guitarist Tom Dumont about their upcoming tour, picking Paramore as a tour mate and the direction their new material is headed, and most importantly the fact that the tour will be modeled after A Clockwork Orange, which he revealed exclusively to Buzznet today. I write this calmly but in truth, I barely slept last night, I was so excited.

Fans of the band know that this tour will be jam-packed full of their favorites—No Doubt did a survey on their official site a few months ago to see which tracks people wanted to hear most—but without an album, how will the tour look?

Tom had an answer.

“You know, it’s kinda funny, whenever we do an album or a tour we’ve noticed that if we have a really strong theme that everything falls into place better. Gwen came up with the Clockwork Orange thing—she started getting into the visuals of those modernist movies from the 60’s. We’ve been looking at tons of art and it’s like this space-age modernism from that decade—it’s retro and modern at the same time, so we’re building this crazy stage set that has that vibe. We have a bunch of really great artists doing t-shirts and posters that echo that. There’s a whole look for the tour even though there’s not an album yet.

No Doubt begin their summer tour May 19th, after playing The Bamboozle Festival in Jersey and the Tiger Jam in Las Vegas.

If you need a little head start, the band will be performing a cover of Stand & Deliver on the CW’s Gossip Girl, airing May 11th.

“We tape it next week. It’s kind of a crazy thing. We were trying to find out ways—because we’re not releasing an album—to raise awareness for the tour. When that opportunity came up, we were like ‘Well, the last song we put out was a cover from the 80’s, so we don’t really want to go there, but at the same time it just seemed like fun.”

Dumont said they finished pre-recording the Adam and The Ants song last night. It will not be released on an album, or as a single, but top-tier ticket buyers who get the No Doubt catalog download package will be getting that track as well.

Full interview with some commentary about Paramore and new material will be up next week!

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