No Doubt Sharing Unreleased Content Soon

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No Doubt shared on their social networks that they will be releasing previously never-before-seen photos, videos and more soon with all of us over the next several months! No Doubt teased that they will be sharing stuff for the very first time. They Tweeted a “from the archives 1987-2014” teaser banner to hype everyone up in the mean time. Very exciting!

We know we can speak for everyone in saying we miss the heck of this band so this is a wonderful surprise! We’ll keep you posted with the latest and make sure to follow No Doubt both on Twitter and Facebook.

33 Replies to “No Doubt Sharing Unreleased Content Soon”

  1. This is really exciting news! I always wished for an official release of this type of rare material, but I think this is the next best thing! And I wonder if No Doubt Archive had any influence.. haha! My head is in the clouds, but even if they were inspired a tiny bit from it, that would be pretty cool. 🙂

  2. I’m so excited! I hope this means some sort of physical release, maybe an album with old demos / unreleased songs… or a DVD?

  3. I wonder if they will be sharing their content only via their social networks? Does it mean there won’t be any sort of physical release?

    1. That would be amazing! I’m curious to see what they will do for the 20th Anniversary for Tragic Kingdom.. now that better get a proper re-release/remaster!

  4. Well, “unreleased content” can also include some music. I hope so! Otherwise it will be a little disappointing.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think we will get any music per say, unless in the form of some rare live footage (which I’m a sucker for anyway).

      I think it’s awesome the band is opening up and letting us peek into their vault. I’ve been wanting stuff like this forever, so I’m happy with it. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that it will be quiet on the ND front for the majority (if not all) of 2014.

  5. OMG yay old photos totally make up for the broken “new music in 2013″ promise”! Uhm… not?! Seriously, wtf?! This totally smells like they’re preparing to finally break up for good. And no word about releasing unreleased songs… no: photos, videos and “more” (which probably means “well, uhm photos and videos…”). And they’ll be doing this for the next “months”?! So, in other words nothing new is going to happen in 2014. I’m sorry, but this is just lame. Tom has been sharing old photos for the last 8 months… and now ND basically only confirmed that this is what they’ll be doing for the next months too. Wow…

    I’m so tired of all this useless nostalgia stuff. They are not dead yet (okay, the band probably is…).

  6. “never before seen content” suggests the use of ones eyes more than ears.

    Not to be a downer here but I really doubt they will release demos. Gwens too self conscious/vain.

    But I appreciate that this is not commercial or for profit and just for fans.

  7. I agree with liz. If they are digging through old stuff they should at least release some old b sides and demos or maybe samples of the newer stuff. Especially because it seems like we will not be getting a new album anytime soon.

  8. Yep SHAUN and LISA something similar to when they released “Everything In Time” B-Sides, Rarities,Remixes.
    Except for the remixes I really don’t like them myself though I know a lot of you do, I can do without them.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! It would be awesome! If only Eric would let them share it.. I feel like it would be a tough sell.

  9. I want the Alternative Video of Spiderwebs!!! And maybe the videoclip of Magic’s In The Make-Up… (?) Or an unreleased video from the Push and Shove era who wasn’t never released cause the Looking Hot crisis… Maybe One More Summer…

  10. @The Bathcaver I could be wrong, but I don’t think they ever started shooting a video for “Magic’s in the make up”. And I also don’t think there is an unreleased music video from the P&S era.

    I guess the unreleased video footage will mostly be “behind the scenes” stuff from the studio and rehearsals. Maybe they have some videos from soundchecks where they played songs we’ve never heard live before.

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