No Doubt Release Vinyl and Commemorative Merchandise for 25th Anniversary (Updated)


The band has added the standard 180G black and limited blue vinyl versions to their website but they are going quick, too! If you missed out on the previous sales, make sure to keep checking back just in case more quantities are added.


As of Monday, October 16, all bundles are currently sold out as well as the black-and-yellow vinyl versions. All and most of the bundles and vinyl versions unfortunately were gone prior to the band’s announcement of the release yesterday afternoon. For fans that missed out, you can pre-order a standard black edition of the vinyl on Amazon.

A special blue vinyl edition is available to pre-order from Music Vaultz and the black-and-yellow version can be purchased from The Sound of Vinyl.

Photo courtesy of No Doubt

No Doubt have updated their official store with preorder links for new commemorative merchandise celebrating the 25th anniversary release of their debut self-titled album. The band is selling bundles including special limited edition signed vinyls of the reissued album (including Eric Stefani) that include tees, sweatshirts or on its own. Fans can also purchase a new button set featuring some of the band’s classic logos and a tote.

Items are up for preorder and will be shipped out or around November 7. The items seem extremely limited so we recommend grabbing them while you can!

Click here to order from the official site!

11 Replies to “No Doubt Release Vinyl and Commemorative Merchandise for 25th Anniversary (Updated)”

  1. Hello Jenny! I’m guessing that the ones from bull moose records and amazon will be standard black then right?
    I will snag one of the unsigned split colors and keep it sealed and get a signed one too most likely and keep it sealed, and use the one I got from amazon to listen to!

  2. Yay, I managed to preorder the signed vinyl! Can anyone confirm just how limited it is? I think it said 100, but it’s not available anymore, so I can’t check.

  3. I can’t believe I missed this and now they are all sold out. Don’t even care about the signed vinyl i would just like the colored vinyl . Devastated.

  4. I was able to snag a unsigned one with a shirt but I went to target and when I walked in they still had the signed vinyl. 10 mins later and I was just about to checkout and it was sold out, I’m so upset :((( hopefully they restock some more!!! They posted this on their IG and website meanwhile it was already sold out

  5. The vinyls were removed from their online store and now the vinyl bundles and vinyls are up but says “Currently Not Available”. I’m guessing they might restock a few since it says currently meaning it isn’t atm but will be!?

    1. All of the bundle and vinyl versions are sold out. Its a big bummer that most of the items were gone before No Doubt even posted about the sale. I hope they see the high demand and make more items available in the near future.

  6. i got my signed vinyl cover today. the actual vinyl record was not inside the cover though. anyone else have that issue?

    1. Don’t worry, Kim! There’s no issue. It’s a November pre-order, and I believe we’ll all receive the actual vinyl release (probably in a regular unsigned cover, and probably shipped direct from the manufacturer) sometime in mid-to-late-November. What they’ve done is had the band sign a bunch of empty covers, and they (band management?) have sent those out first since they’ve had them on hand. I’ve received the empty signed cover too, as have others. You’re good. 🙂

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