No Doubt Recreated In Lego Form

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LEGO fanatic and self-proclaimed music junkie, Adly Syairi Ramly, has put together No Doubt (literally) and have them featured in his new project in which he recreated twenty iconic bands using only LEGOs.

The article also states that all of the images were edited solely on an iPhone5 so no photoshop was used. Very impressive and too cool not to share! To see more, check out

7 Replies to “No Doubt Recreated In Lego Form”

  1. Tony is white because “everything is awesome!” And there is no divirsity in lego land. Should have used a storm trooper head IMO.

  2. Lol @ Allie…

    But my son is a Lego-ite, and I don’t think there’s any race to the yellow mini figure

    It’s a universal person…only gender differences apply

  3. Well and why are they white anyways? There are no “white” Lego people. They are all yellow, because that was the colour that was chosen by a poll back in the 70s.

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