Band Recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood

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Tom shared that No Doubt tracked a new song at the Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood yesterday.

Tom Dumont — We tracked a new song at Sunset Sound yesterday, it’s a famous old Hollywood studio. It was our first time there, which is funny because it feels like we’ve recorded at every studio in town at one time or another.

3 Replies to “Band Recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood”

  1. sometime that happens…you make something that feels forced and then out of nowhere you just get smacked with so much new stuff you gotta put it down just to put down and not loose and sounds like this is what happened and it just so happened its turning into a new record ! too bad they didnt do this along time ago but hey its all good for us fans 😀 !

  2. For the first time ever I have just felt disappointment that the recording didn’t suddenly pick up like this back in 2009 or something; before I always thought it just had to be a long dragged out process but this has just made me realise the reality that, if it had just come to them, that we could’ve had a new album out back in something like 2010 and they could be in such a better place in the music industry in comparison to now-I do know it’s not all to do with their success and I am just happy for them to be releasing/working on new music.

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