No Doubt Ranks on The 500 Biggest KROQ Songs of All Time


No Doubt’s hometown radio station, The World Famous KROQ 106.7, have posted their ultimate list of The 500 Biggest KROQ Songs of All Time and the band has ranked on the countdown multiple times peaking at #37 with “Just a Girl”.

No Doubt and KROQ have both shared mutual love for each other since the early 1990s and the band credits the station for helping them in their success and making it big on the radio. KROQ continues to honor the band over the years and most recently No Doubt headlined their annual Almost Acoustic Christmas last December. KROQ has sponsored many of the band’s shows in the local area as well as hosted special events such as Breakfast with No Doubt in both 1997 and 2002.

Below is where No Doubt ranked on the list and you can check out the full countdown on Way to go, No Doubt! Moby’s 2000 collaboration with Gwen, “Southside”, also ranked on the list coming in at #436.

#37 – “Just a Girl”
#60 – “Don’t Speak”
#117 – “It’s My Life”
#127 – “Spiderwebs”
#152 – “Sunday Morning”
#263 – “Bathwater”
#332 – “Ex-Girlfriend”
#417 – “Excuse Me Mr.”

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11 Replies to “No Doubt Ranks on The 500 Biggest KROQ Songs of All Time”

  1. Wow– Gwen is tied for 5th place as most frequent on this chart (after RHCP, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Pearl Jam – respectively). No Doubt as a whole are tied for 13th place as most frequent on the chart.

  2. Bob, I think none of the RS singles were KROQ’s style– but I think they did release PBL, a more rock song, for KROQ to play. I think they did this to give the rock fans a song they can hear on the radio from them, and win some to buy the album.

  3. Wow, what a male dominated list. The only female artists were ND, Cranberries, Garbage, Hole, The Breeders and one Alanis Morsette song. I know rock is primarily male driven but there must of only been around 20 songs give or take with female singers. pretty sh#tty imo.

  4. ya, @ndlover is right, KROQ used “Dont Let me Down” instead of “Hey Baby” —–the Djs & California fans really hated on it

  5. i remember the morning they first played it, they had people calling in and everything, the station totally trashed it

  6. Marion, yeah unfortunately it’s like that. No Doubt was the only female fronted band to play at Kroq’s Almost Acoustic Christmas last December.

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