No Doubt Rank #3 On Billboard’s Most Anticipated Album Of 2012

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The results have been announced for Billboard’s Reader’s Poll 2011 and it’s been revealed that No Doubt came in 3rd place with 11% of the vote for Most Anticipated Album of 2012. They came in behind Madonna (with 41% of the vote) and rapper Nicki Minaj (with 18% of the vote). It’s a little disappointing, but we do want to thank every fan that took to the time to vote for the band (including multiple times!) and helped share the news. We also encouraged fans to vote for Gwen for Best Style, sadly she didn’t rank, and Gwen and Gavin were also open for Hottest Couple, but they didn’t make the list as well. We all know No Doubt’s new album will be a huge deal so we are not really phased by the poll and there will be more amazing opportunities to vote for our favorite band as well!

2 Replies to “No Doubt Rank #3 On Billboard’s Most Anticipated Album Of 2012”

  1. Although I wish they would od got more votes I totally expected them to come in third. Which is still really good considering Madonna and Nicki Minaj’s success lately, and it seems like No Doubt hasn’t been around forever so it’s understandable. But I KNOW this album will be amazing.

    1. I agree in a way. It just sucks that there really hasn’t been any updates in about 4 good months about progress on it, so a lot of people outside of the fans are unaware.

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