Band Performing At The Teen Choice Awards

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Dr. Funkenberry has sent us a photo of an email from LiveNation and the Teen Choice Awards and No Doubt is first on the list of performers! How exciting! Hopefully the band confirms it but we’ll keep you updated!

Wow! Thanks to Dr. Funkenberry for tweeting us tonight with the news! He posted an exclusive tip on his blog tonight that the band will be performing on the Teen Choice Awards on July 22! Looks like this July will be a busy month for the band! Sounds believable to me! At this time, nothing has been confirmed by the band or management at this time (well, neither has Good Morning America for July 27 but we know that is happening for sure, too!) Dr. Funkenberry is a very reliable source so I would mark this on your calendars! We will keep you posted with the latest and tickets for the event will go on sale this Saturday through Livenation!

Dr. Funkenberry — Yes! Yes! Yes! We have just learned exclusively that Justin Bieber and No Doubt will be performing at The 2012 Teen Choice Awards airing live on July 22nd!

Also joining Bieber and No Doubt will be Flo Rida and a special DJ set by Pauly D.

Justin Bieber will be releasing his new CD “Believe” on June 19th. and the long-awaited No Doubt record will be released September 25th 2012. The title of the new CD has not been released as of yet.

Joing Bieber and No Doubt will be Flo Rida and a special DJ set by Pauly D. More performers will be announced shortly.

Bieber’s new single is “Boyfriend” and No Doubt has released a recording tid bit of “Push & Shove” the band’s latest song in waaaaaaay too long!

No Doubt will also be on Good Morning America July 27th. Justin Bieber will be on every TV show known to man. Beliebe it.

We like Justin but cannot wait to see No Doubt perform!!!!!

2 Replies to “Band Performing At The Teen Choice Awards”

  1. “We like Justin but cannot wait to see No Doubt perform!!!” – Dr. Funkenberry

    Well said! No Doubt will definitely be the stand out performers!

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