No Doubt Post An Update On Official Site

No Doubt — Dear Friends,

We’ve been incommunicado for the past few weeks so we wanted to reach out and say hi. Work on the new No Doubt album is well underway and we can’t wait to share it with you. The past twelve months have been eventful; we performed for Paul McCartney and President Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors, three beautiful new No Doubt babies were born, and we’ve recorded in studios all over Los Angeles. Ideally our new record would be coming out this year but it’s just not ready yet. We don’t want to rush this album just to get it out. This collection of songs means everything to us and our only priority right now is to make sure that it’s the best album we can possibly make. There is still more work for us to do…

We love our fans and are doing this for your ears and want you to know how much we appreciate your patience and support. We’ll keep you updated here at and on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom
No Doubt

PS. There have been some stories circulating about us collaborating with outside producers and artists. Please don’t believe anything you hear unless it comes from us.

We really appreciate the band coming forward and releasing a statement. They pretty much confirmed what all of us were thinking, that they are not rushing (which they shouldn’t be) for a 2011 release. We do understand all that they have done over the last year, and patience is key. I know that it can get frustrating to some fans, but please do not be discouraged. The new album is going to be amazing, and I’m thinking, the best we’ve heard from No Doubt. They have grown so much as a band and as individuals, we couldn’t feel any more proud of them. Thank you Gwen, Tom, Tony and Adrian for all that you do, and we cannot wait to hear new music!

At this time I think we pretty much look forward to a Spring release from the band.

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    1. Hi Mike!

      Yeah, we are dying to hear something from the band. Even a clip… but I’m thinking when it gets closer maybe we will hear something. So far, some of the descriptions are “beat driven electro pop”, “dancehall”, “party-ready reggae”, and “synths”.

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