No Doubt Played "Tragic Kingdom" Tonight In Boston; VIDEOS ADDED!

Ah! Here it is! No Doubt performed “Tragic Kingdom” last night in Boston, MA! How amazing! Gwen mentioned that it has been 12 years since the band performed it last — it sounded amazing! It’s one of my favorite songs live, and they did such a good job. I hope the band continues playing it! They switched out “End It On This,” but I think it was worth it! We should have audio for it really soon to download and we’ll add it to our radio station, too. You can hear a backing track since backing vocals can be heard during the verse, and they end the song quite abruptly — but sounds great!

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  1. the had them taped to the floor,but when hella good was starting she ripped and kicked them off the stage. it was freakin amazing.

  2. I was there. It wasn’t the full version. They didn’t do the big ending. Two verses, two choruses, guitar solo.

  3. I’m kinda used to that they start playing Excuse me Mr, right after Tragic Kingdom!!! Too bad they dont do that anymore!

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