No Doubt Performing “Secret” Concert in Germany

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As of September 20, BigFM has announced that the concert is being rescheduled and will not be taking place on October 5 at this time.


Tom Tweeted this to us shortly after the announcement:

@beaconstreet regarding shows like this, we publish info only when 100% confirmed. Info for UK and Euro fans coming very soon. 🙂

Wow! Huge thank you to yeahyeahyeah for the information, but it’s been announced by German radio station BigFM is sponsoring a “special and exclusive” No Doubt concert on October 5! Only 300 lucky fans will be able to attend the event and you can win tickets by telling BigFM why you are the biggest No Doubt fan! Good luck to all and we will post more soon!

7 Replies to “No Doubt Performing “Secret” Concert in Germany”

  1. Hi! Me and my best friend are such big fat ND Fans as long as we can think! It´s really true! In the 90´s we were just kids,spoke not a single word english but always sang up so loud- but wrong 🙂 but we just always loved this fuckin great music!!And then when we finally spoke english they took a break It made us so miserable and we thought: Oh no! Why??Now we´ll never see them!:´( And as Gwen had her solo Tour,we couldn´t go to her show beause of school and we unfortunately didn´t have the money… But now they´re back,and we´re old enough!!! I already preordered the new album ( can´t wait-sooo excited!!) and we have no other topic than ND anymore! I´m counting the days til I hold this album in in my hands and make my ears fall in love with it! Gwen is my idol i wear my make up like her! and I bleached my hair like her but it fell out! I don´t have much wishes but to see them one time Live in my boring life that would be definitley the best damn thing what ever could happen to me. In truth- I retain everything whats about them! I read every Tweet and everything else! I have all albums and the Live DVD´s! Everyday I listen to ND songs and dream about to go to their show! And if the don´t make a big Tour this is probrably my only and maybe last chance… Please make my only real big dream come true

  2. Ich möchte auf keinen Fall gewinnen. Also wehe ihr schreibt mir eine E-mail, dass ich gewonnen habe. Ich würde auf auf keinen Fall zum Konzert gehen.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I never would have recognized this competition, but thanks to you I already left a comment 🙂 Now I´m hoping to be one of the lucky ones!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jenny,

    is the band going to perform any mini concerts in NYC? I hope so because CA gets 6 shows and then they go off to Europe. 🙁

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