No Doubt Performing “One More Summer” on Ellen

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No Doubt did NOT perform “One More Summer” on Ellen like previously reported.

Has the new single finally been revealed?

No Doubt are pre-taping their performance this morning for the Ellen DeGeneres Show and will be debuting “One More Summer” live and a classic hit (which we would assume would be “Settle Down”). Ellen had posted this small tidbit on her website, which they also refer to the song as “One More Time”.

Ellen is having a special day with one of the biggest bands in history — it’s NO DOUBT! They’re here for an exclusive talk show event to celebrate the release of their first new CD in 11 years, “Push and Shove.” They’re sitting down with Ellen to discuss their break, and they’re also putting on a show! They’re performing the world premiere of their new song, “One More Time” and playing one of their classic hits!

3 Replies to “No Doubt Performing “One More Summer” on Ellen”

  1. I was hoping Looking Hot would be the next single, or at least a single. It’s going to be a great song to dance to! I can’t wait to see their televised performance of One More Summer though 😀

  2. Have they said if the performances will air on the first or second day they’re on Ellen? I’m not listening to any new songs until I’m holding the album!

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