No Doubt Performing at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Dec. 14

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Great news! Tony called into KROQ this morning and revealed (and asked!) that No Doubt will be performing during the second night of KROQ’s 25th Annual Almost Acoustic Christmas show being held at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Sunday, December 14.

Tony on being added to the lineup:

“We were talking, and we were talking about how important KROQ has been to us over the years and honestly if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today. You guys helped break us, you guys have been so supportive of us and we heard you have a big party coming up, the 25th anniversary of the [Almost] Acoustic Christmas. Honestly, I was going to call you and say ‘Can we get some tickets?’ because we saw the lineup and we were like ‘Wow, we have to come see this show.’ Then we were talking and we’re like ‘What better way to see the show than be on stage and play, so I’m actually calling to see if it’s cool if we come and rock out with you guys.”

No Doubt are filling in for U2 during the show and are joining a heavy lineup including Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer. Tickets for concert are sold out but fans may still be able to pick them up from Stubhub or trying their luck and winning tickets from KROQ.

We’re really excited for No Doubt to be on the stage again for KROQ and it will be their first return back since their last surprise appearance in 2012. Typically the show is streamed online in full so we hope to check out the band’s full set!

23 Replies to “No Doubt Performing at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Dec. 14”

  1. Awe tbh I wish gwen was doing a solo set. Would like to hear some of her old hits again. ND always play the same songs.

    1. No, U2 are out that’s why ND are in now 😉

      Tbh I also hoped Gwen would do this solo and play some of her new and old material… Still it’s always cool to see the band doing stuff.

  2. This why I don’t think she’ll go all out with the solo stuff because at the end of the day she has to balance it out with her No Doubt commitments.

  3. Boo no U2, at this point I think the solo stuff will be short lived, I think she just has fun working with Pharrell.

  4. Words cannot express how much happy I am that U2 will not perform at kroq lol Yay for No Doubt! I hope they perform the new song “Shine”.

  5. I don’t think her solo work would really fit in with that lineup or crowd, would it? I know she did it before, but I’m really happy ND will be there, even if it’s just the hits as usual LOL

  6. Oh great more no doubt playing the same.songs over and over again 😩 it would be cool if Gwen did a set of new songs … No doubt doesn’t even have new material out …. and its tiresome hearing the same over and aver and over again …. I’ve seen no doubt a few.times live and it’s almost as if they played the same set list for the past few years … *yawn* I’ll pass…. I’ll wait until they have a new album and a good one at that.

  7. Hey, BSO/Jenny, how is “Spark the Fire” doing? did it make the itune charts at all? or coming to radio?? i cant find out that stuff on my phone, if someone can let me know please id greatly appreciate it

  8. Is it even out internationally? I’m really confuse with their game plan. They made a big fuzz about Gwen and 360 deal and the new management but what’s up with the roll out coming off very amateurish? It’s like they are so dependent on the voice for promo and Gwen making a random special appearance with Pharrell. I wish Gwen would put more effort promoting the single and performing the song. How can people say this song is a flop when it’s been just release a couple of days ago with barely any promo aside from the voice performance? And I wouldn’t really trip about wat people say in the internet because those punks thrive on hating and tearing people down. Gwen is a prime target because she comes off like she got it together and people hate that lol. Anyways, Gwen please take more ownership with project !!!

  9. This whole Gwen era just seems to have been contained to America just because of the voice basically… Think they relied on it too much as a sole platform rather than using all the top promotion needed besides these days… I don’t really understand because now they make any new comer have a huge hit just from good online promotion.. I thought Gwen would’ve had all this to make all these instant successes… There is still time so I’m hopeful though…

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