Confirmed: No Doubt NOT Performing On VMAs

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Tom has confirmed that the band is NOT performing on the MTV VMAs via Twitter!

Several sources are coming out saying No Doubt is performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards although they are not confirmed at this time. We’re not sure if these sources are being misquoted, misinformed or if something is on the verge of being announced — we will just have to see!

8 Replies to “Confirmed: No Doubt NOT Performing On VMAs”

  1. I was hoping this would happen. This is what they really need to do to get some more hype. Plus, it was always crazy to me that No Doubt never played the VMA’s (not counting the pre-show they did) I mean seriously… No Doubt has never played on the main stage of the VMA’s… That just doesn’t seem right. Push and Shove live at the VMA’s… Let’s hope it’s true.

  2. Craziness! Although, we should expect this kind of thing from MTV cause they are too busy with talentless hacks like Rihanna or Britney. Sigh…

    Will ND at least be attending? They are in the area at that time so it would make sense…

  3. i’m working on the vmas right now. i worked the movie awards in june and a couple of the high ups were really pushing for no doubt, but i think because teen choice booked them first it made it an issue. sucks because vmas is a way better avenue for nd than TC. oh well. hopefully they’ll show up to do the red carpet and some album promotion.

  4. K8, that makes sense. :/ Plus, ND will be in NY the night before for the NFL kickoff. It would be amazing though if they walked the red carpet. It would be amazing to see them there again!

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