Photos/Video: No Doubt Performing at Spirit of Life Award Gala (Updated)

No Doubt are the special musical guests during tonight’s Spirit Of Life Award Gala being held in West Hollywood honoring Apple executive Eddy Cue. The sold-out private charity event has the band reuniting and performing for a intimate show for the first time since the Global Citizen Festival.

Gwen and Gavin posed together on the red carpet before heading into the event.

Sprit of Life Award Gala
10/24/2014 — West Hollywood, California — Pacific Design Center
Hella Good / Underneath It All / It’s My Life / Just a Girl / Simple Kind of Life / Hey Baby / Spiderwebs / Don’t Speak // Happy Birthday (to Eddy Cue)

City Of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala Honoring Apple's Eddy Cue

City Of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala Honoring Apple's Eddy Cue

Spirt Award Event #nodoubt

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#nodoubt #cityofhope

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#nodoubt my life so blessed

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Surreal moment #nodoubt #gwenstefani my QUEEN MY G

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#nodoubt #gwenstefani #justagirl wow NO DOUBT TONIGHT MY G

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no doubt private show. gwen is still so funky and soulful #underneathitall

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spirit of life awards ft no doubt? oh #NODOUBT !!! #spiritoflifeawards #eddiecue

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You guys- one day you could see @gwenstefani this up close and personal and you might die like I did 💕🙀

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35 Replies to “Photos/Video: No Doubt Performing at Spirit of Life Award Gala (Updated)”

  1. ^^^^What’s wrong with them getting cash for a private performance? are they supposed to preform for free ? They’re Doing This Person A Favor For A Party, No Band Would Do That For free… damn you’re just a hater whoever you are lamb person very ignorant you are .

  2. Hahaha these comments…anyway weird no doubt is performing cause gwen has a new single to promote. But happy for them.

  3. Weird was the wrong word. Just thought gwen solo would be more likely…maybe they will perform baby don’t lie haha

  4. Guess what, performing for money is just the way musicians are supposed to earn their living… that’s why they are in fact professional musicians… but hey…

    Some of these comments here can really ruin everything for those who actually enjoy ND/Gwen.

  5. This isn’t the first private show that ND have done and probably won’t be the last.
    What’s the problem here, what’s wrong with the band performing ??

  6. I think it’s absolutely positive the fact that Gwen and the band are playing and recording while she’s pushing another solo. That means that the band has a huge chance to come back stronger than ever. Some people will never be happy, myself included, with the decisiona they made, but we deal with it. When is the IBM gig? We are hearing no buzz from them (I work there) and with the current company scenario, they might cancel the event.

  7. Whoa! So many haters. I can’t believe some of these comments. BSO, I think it’s high time for you to start approving comments 1st.

  8. I don’t get how anyone sees this as a bad thing? No Doubt are actually performing together and looking really fresh in my opinion…

  9. ^ Exactly! That’s what artists are supposed to do, no? Who cares if it’s a private event? Good for them. People, stop moaning cause you’d not be there anyway. Plus bitterness will only make your lives more stressful and miserable. Killjoy much? We should be happy they’re together performing.

  10. the same freaking 6 songs over and over again during the last decade – really? ND has a LOT of good music to play, but they keep playing the same 6 hits since 2005! COME ON YOU GUYS!

  11. FYI. I work for city of hope and the band wasn’t paid a dime. It was a charity show to honor a huge COH supporter.

  12. I honestly can’t believe how critical No Doubt/Gwen fans can be! How fast it is forgotten how long we’ve gone in the past without any performances and when one happens people are so quick to criticize. Last time I checked, as amazing as a job it can be, this is still their JOB and they’re obviously going to take opportunities to get paid?!
    Im just happy to see another performance and to see them together!

  13. All I can say is that I’m glad this was a private show because that means that all the people on here talking shit weren’t allowed to see it. What a strange group of No Doubters…hating on the band for making money & playing the hits…they are hits because the fans love them, so of course they would play them! What a bizarre conversation you guys are having

  14. It was a charity event for city of hope, the money went to charity, the band didn’t make any money from it. Sheesh. And even if they would have, who cares? It’s their job!

    Anyway they sounded awesome!!!

  15. Also I can’t believe how busy gwen has been the past week!! This event last night, we can survive at the hollywood bowl tonight.. Plus the voice, single promo, everything..

    Makes my “busy” look like a joke haha

  16. With the amount of comment volume around here now, that would be pretty tough. But I get what you mean. I’m striving to crack down a little bit more and banning individuals if necessary. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m pretty flexible with some stuff because it’s interesting to know how everyone thinks, but people can get carried away, especially with attacking each other and the band (which I know are avid readers of the site). And it’s not fun. I think some individuals just like stirring the pot and that is not what I created this site for. I promise to step in more and take action if needed.

  17. I don’t like the idea of comments being approved since it’s always the same 3 people causing trouble and they should be addressed individually by BSO. Why punish the rest of us for that? Anyway, I’m thrilled ND are performing! Even if they made money off of this, who cares? Don’t you want them to earn a living? Where do you think the concert tickets that you buy for them go? To Mars? LOL

  18. I’m not going to name names and call people out since those folks should be addressed privately by BSO. It makes no sense to punish everyone else because of a few troublemakers. Jenny tolerates A LOT here and I appreciate her not censoring opinions.

  19. Jenny I completely agree with your sentiments. There is constructive criticism and the just downright disrespect and vitriolic attacks.

  20. I totally agree with you AMANDA G that BSO do indeed put up with a lot and they are more than fair with everyone.
    I won’t name names either but I find some comments from 2 fans in particular a little hard to fathom at times.
    Jenny and her team have always done a great job with BSO and thank you so much for keeping the site up and running as it is the best ND site around at this time.

  21. Jenny, no need to monitor. You have better things to do with your time. As an individual, it is my responsibility to react to any type of comment if I choose to read them. Keep up the amazing work.

  22. they work with music, okay? and the people who work in music needs to do shows to get money, oh Gosh, what kind of fans you are? No Doubt!!!! They’re together, doing shows, are you happy? if you’re a real fan yes 🙂
    Go ND, you have real good fans, real good nodoubters who give support to the band

  23. yeeeeeeees more cash <3, they work with music for this, for to get money, what kind of fan you are? they're together, yeees No Doubt!!!! Are you happy? ~if you are a real fan you need to givee support for they can't stop, if they stop to get money tthey won't continue, waake up

  24. At an event like this, I wouldn’t expect them to play anything other than classic hits. Just seeing them live is great, no matter what songs they choose to play.

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