No Doubt Performing at Rock in Rio USA 2015 (Updated)



It’s been officially announced that No Doubt will perform at Rock in Rio USA 2015 in Las Vegas next May! The band attended a press conference this afternoon held in Times Square and posed for photos. RIR USA Tweeted out welcome notes to bands headlining the festival that takes place over two weekends, Rock Weekend (May 8-9, 2015) and Pop Weekend (May 15-16, 2015), live on the Las Vegas strip. On the website it lists that No Doubt will perform on the main stage for the first time annual event. Other headliners include Metallica, Linkin Park and Taylor Swift.

It’s still undetermined when each artist will play during the festival at this time, especially No Doubt. Rock In Rio CEO says that the band could fit in both the Rock and Pop weekends so they are still undecided at this time when No Doubt will play. “The lineup is really is still under construction.” The full lineup is expected to be announced in January, but it you purchase tickets now, fans will be able to choose which weekend they want to attend once the announcement is made.

Tickets are available now and are $295 for all weekend or fans can purchase a one-day VIP ticket for $495. For more information, check out

According to the Las Vegas Sun, “Each day’s festival will run about 10 hours, total, with six stages activated amid a sea of food stations, merchandise booths and rides. A Ferris wheel is being built, as is a zipline — which is fast becoming a signature Las Vegas attraction — running from north to south across and above the Main Stage.”

Newzcard Tweeted us this afternoon that they had a big announcement up their sleeves for No Doubt fans and what good news it was! They have added more photos from the event this afternoon here.

We’re so excited (and planning a trip to Vegas in May!) and will share more details as they come in!

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25 Replies to “No Doubt Performing at Rock in Rio USA 2015 (Updated)”

  1. This is amazing news. They also have Rock In Rio here in Lisbon. You have no idea it’s a HUGE festival. This is amazing promo for No Doubt. I’m glad they’re playing festivals again. Probably they’ll be promoting their new album. I wish I could go. 🙁

  2. So it’s called “Rock in Rio” and then they just add “USA”, so that it can be in the USA? Only in America… 😉

  3. I don’t think they’ll play new material though. If Gwen releases her solo album around Christmas and if she has about three to four singles, she should be busy promoting her own material until summer. I guess ND will just play this show for fun.

  4. My only hope is that most bands play the other RIR concerts, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Metallica has a life long contract with the Medina (RIR owners) family. They play on each and every RIR.

  5. My prediction is that Gwen will wrap up the solo thing by April-May possibly and then the comes back with new material shortly afterwards. And then I could see the band touring in summer 2015! I am absolutely dying inside right now. Mind blown!

    I’m also legit starting to plan my trip to Vegas for the show. Can’t wait to get my own ND fix! It’s been too long!

  6. So nice to see the band together and the guys smiling! It’s incredible how they keep doing it together after 28 years. 🙂

  7. Any idea if No Doubt and Metallica are performing the same day? Where is the venue? Would love to go…I am a huge No Doubter and my husband is a huge Metallica fan. Also, what is the big difference between VIP and regular tickets? I have met everyone except Tom and would love to meet him if VIP tickets provided that opportunity.

    1. I don’t think purchasing VIP tickets will get you close to the band. You get access to all the areas, private bars and food it looks like.

      As far what I’ve read, a stage is being built for the event and will take place on the actual strip. Very exciting! I haven’t seen any details on which days the bands will be playing. I would assume No Doubt would be on the “rock” weekend with Metallica but not sure which date exactly.

  8. 😔 I thought it was in Brazil too…it would be close to me…hope to see them one day performing together…

  9. If RIR keeps their “tradition”, we can expect the same artists on the other festival editions, so RIR RIO has a shot of getting ND to play on the 2015 edition.

  10. in APRIL/MAY Gwen will still have a FULL LENGTH album out and if were barely getting a first single oct.16th by april/may interscope will prob be on another gwen single! keep it real!! this will be just how no doubt did that benifit show in anahiem when “RichGirl” was currently Gwens single. The set list will be the exact same as it always is

  11. BOB, even if the setlist has the same old songs it’s still great that ND will be playing instead of it being a solo Gwen concert. Since the plan are to have a new ND album out, it makes sense that they have to play more concerts to stay in the public eye.

  12. i didnt say it wasnt a great thing, i just feel fans get there own hopes up when its clear whats really going on. I’m NO DOUBT ALLLLLL DAY 1000000% but keep it real

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