Photos/Video: No Doubt Performing at IBM Insight 2014 (Updated)

No Doubt are scheduled to rock the stage tonight at the IBM Insight 2014 conference held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The private event is hosted by IBM for 10,000 employees and guests and No Doubt have the honor of performing during their annual Rocktober Fest.

No Doubt wore their same outfits from the Global Citizen Festival and performed a shortened version of their 2012 Gibson setlist.

IBM Insight Conference
10/28/2014 — Las Vegas, Nevada — Mandalay Bay Events Center
Push and Shove / It’s My Life / Hella Good / Underneath It All / Ex-Girlfriend / Hey Baby / New / Simple Kind of Life (acoustic) / Magic’s In The Makeup (acoustic) / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Settle Down / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl / Spiderwebs

“It’s My Life”

“Hella Good”


“Simple Kind of Life”

“Settle Down”

“Don’t Speak”

“Just a Girl”


#nodoubt set list from last night's show. so good.

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seize the music @ #ibminsight #gwenstefani #nodoubt

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Soon. #ibminsight

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So this is happening #ibminsight

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Push and shove. #nodoubt #ibminsight

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Waiting w/ bated breath #settledown #ibminsight

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Gwen Stefani. #NoDoubt #Rocktoberfest #IBMInsight

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Hey Baby #nodoubt #lasvegas #ibminsight #rocktober

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Stephanie! No, Stefani. Like, Gwen Stefani #ibminsight 💃

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No Doubt! #IBMInsight

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#NoDoubt!! ❤️ #IBMInsight

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Gwen is fabulous!!! Great show #NoDoubt. Thank you #rocketsoftware & #IBM! #IBMInsight

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No Doubt! #IBM #IBMInsight #rocketsoftware

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#nodoubt #don'tspeak #Vegas

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#nodoubt at #insight2014

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#heybabyhey #nodoubt 👍

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@nodoubt #gwenstefani No Doubt was awesome @Mandalaybay

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No doubt she's my #wcw 😉

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#NoDoubt at #ibminsight

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I waited for a while but there's no doubt it was worth it! #frontrow #nodoubt

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Tony! #nodoubt #ibminsight #vegas

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29 Replies to “Photos/Video: No Doubt Performing at IBM Insight 2014 (Updated)”

  1. I just don’t understand …. Gwen has a new single out and she has yet to perform her new.single …but doing shows with no doubt ? I’m so confused. I mean it’s cool non doubt is performing but … I mean didn’t gwen just drop a new single not even a couple weeks ago …where is that promotion?

  2. I think she’s in no mood to promote it, that’s why fell of the itunes charts and currently is around the 60th place

  3. i think she does this for the guys, im sure they need the income all these shows bring, and its easy for them to run through a few songs

  4. Well, this gig was announced a few months ago, so it’s not like Gwen changed her mind and turned from solo to ND again. Everybody knew they’d be doing this show while Gwen’s new single is already out. As for the missing promo: I’m sure Gwen’s team wants her to debut the single on The Voice and that’s why she hasn’t performed it on TV yet. In fact we know that’s exactly the plan since Gwen’s manager said it in that Billboard article: The first live performance of Gwen’s first single will be on The Voice. I guess they have and exclusive contract with NBC that says no TV performances before The Voice.

    So, JOSSY how about you finally stop saying that Gwen lost interest in BDL and doesn’t want to promote it since we all know better?

  5. Guys, this is a private event. Why’d they waste this opportunity? And keep in mind that she’s also recording with the band so it makes sense she keeps playing these concerts, also to keep practicing. I’m really happy they’re doing this, cause it means they’re really focused to make things happen.

  6. There’s not much information here in IBM… I will be checking the to see it the company post photos and details on the event.

  7. Gwen don’t want to promote Baby Don’t Lie because it would affect her career.. Cause that song is a copy of “Heartbreakfree” from Ji Nilsson. I love Gwen but is true! Just listen to that song…

    1. Dude, stop writing nonsense. Ji Nilsson is just using Gwen’s name to promote her single. The songs are anything alike.

  8. Love that they are playing “magic’s in the makeup” lately- its always been one of my favourites. I remember gwen saying in an interview once it was her favourite song with ND.

  9. I understand that at these conventions they will play the best of No Doubt…I just wonder what it will take to convince the band that the fans would love to hear seldom played or never played songs like DTSD, Artificial Sweetener, Don’t Let Me Down, etc. Do we have to write a petition or something?

  10. It doesn’t seem like they ever get tired of playing the hits, which is good I guess. I would love a whole show of non-hits!

  11. Lets face it, gwen has always always always avoided any kind of controversy, no matter how big or small the magnitude of it,, media, and blogs everywhere have covered BDL & Ji Nilssons song. as we know gwen didnt produce the track so i doubt she heard the song but i wouldnt put it past its producers. this happens all the time and its pretty common, we dont know if shes threatened with any legal action or not. Ji Nilsson is not using gwens name, she didnt point out the similarities, the public and blogs did. She seems to be a fan and hasnt bashed gwen or the song at all.

  12. I really like that setlist… I know No Doubt have endless wonderful tracks but all bands only tend to play the hits from their back catalogue, I doubt they’d just do a big show of non-hits, even though I know it would be good to see!!!

    Also, Ji Nilsson wasn’t using Gwen’s name… fans kept pointing it out to Ji and she spoke nicely of Gwen!!!

  13. I slightly disagree with that. Many performers with hits spanning decades don’t perform all of them at every tour or do a medley of some instead. I would be okay with ND cutting out singles that weren’t big hits in order to include non-single stuff… It would be so amazing to hear In My Head or DLMD (acoustic) or EIOT again!! Or even have one rare/non-single song rotated every show. Oh well…we can dream.

  14. Gwen should do something about Ji Nilsson/BDL.

    I love that song but it does sound the same……. I would think Gwen didn’t know but the producers/One Republic must have. IMO kill orff the song, don’t put it on the album and move on to a different song for a redo of the first real single. BDL isn’t going anywhere on the charts at all anyways. Spark the Fire seems to be the perfect song for her return and who knows what else is on the album.

  15. There are so many songs out there that sound the same. Gwen doesn’t have to do anything. It’s a risk she takes when working with outside people and not creating her own music with a band. She just got lucky this woman is a fan and probably won’t sue.

    Jenny, my favorite DLMD is KROQ 2001. She messes up, but I love the energy!

  16. Seriously guys. How many songs resemble other songs these days? Personally I don’t hear the similarities that could lead to say it’s a ripoff. I’m not saying this because I’m an obsessed Gwen fan. This girl knows she won’t go far if she tries to sue Gwen, so instead she’s promoting her single which has attracted thousands to her youtube page. I never said she attacked her or anything like that. She seems a bit of a Gwenabee to be honest. But don’t pretend she’s not taking advantage of this situation because she IS. Good for her. To be honest BDL reminded more of Princess of China, Burn, Te Amo than this girl’s song.

  17. @NDLOVER, every comment I’ve read from you referring to this (even on other posts), i think you’re missing the point. Lets say what youre saying and the 2 songs sound nothing alike, lets say its even proven some how that theyre not the same in any way: it still does NOT change the fact that theres controversy over it. Lets say the Ji Nilsson song didnt even exist and the controversy was over the shoes Gwen was wearing in the video and they happened to be from a sweat-shop in a 3rd world country made by 3 year olds. whatever the controversy could be about, no matter how big or small or ridiculous or whatever it could be Gwen has ALWAYS stood away from ANY & ALL of it. Always always always always always. So i think it would make perfect sense shes some what let go of BDL, maybe not completely but some.

  18. I don’t think she’s let go of it… It’s only been a week and a half. Should she be doing more promotion? Absolutely, but I think she has to wait for The Voice to do it. Must be part of her contract with them. It’s a shame.

    And those two songs are definitely alike. There’s no denying that. Thankfully the girl is cool with it and a fan and sees that reaping the benefits of the attention is more worthwhile than making a stink about it.

  19. i think by the time she performs on the voice she wont do BDL, she’ll perform the new single with pharrell, it would make sense to include him so his fans/followers will buy the song and give it attention

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