No Doubt Performing At ‘An Evening with Women’ Benefit in Hollywood May 16

Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit

No Doubt are set to perform at ‘An Evening with Women’, an annual gala benefiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood on Saturday, May 16. According to the official press release, the band will appear and perform a special intimate acoustic set at the Hollywood Palladium.

No Doubt released a statement on their upcoming performance saying how honored they feel for being asked to perform at the event.

“We are so honored to be joining the lineup for this year’s An Evening with Women. We applaud the tremendous work Los Angeles LGBT Center has done over the years in striving to create a community where all people are equal and treated with fairness and dignity. This is going to be a really cool show for us….different than the big plugged-in shows we’ve done over the years, it’ll be exciting to switch it up and play a select handful of songs and bring a scaled down, acoustic vibe to them.”

Ticket packages are on-sale now and start at $300 for an individual seat and go up to $25,000 for the Platinum Table experience. The event kicks off at 6:00 PM with a silent auction and then will be followed by dinner and the show at 8:00 PM.

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44 Replies to “No Doubt Performing At ‘An Evening with Women’ Benefit in Hollywood May 16”

  1. Yay an acoustic set! I hope they perform MITM as it is perfect for an acoustic set and fits well with the LGBT theme.

  2. Hey guys, this is soooo off topic, but I just watched this on the TV. It’s a commercial from a Brazilian clothing store, I just found the song very identical to Just A Girl. I don’t know who owns the song, or if it was just made for the video, but it’s so identical. Not saying this is a plagiary, I never heard that song before, I’m just commenting the fact that it sounds the same.

    1. @Matheus Gusmão, that does sound like JAG! It could just be a coincidence, but you never know these days….

  3. Btw, I miss acoustic performances! That performance at Bridge School is one of my favourites, I still love the HQ acoustic version of MITM and Spiderwebs. I wish they had the whole show in HQ. Exciting.

  4. Wow that instrumental is a JAG rip-off. I was trying to identify it with Shazam but it’s not working yet. Probably a new song?

  5. NDLOVER… I do think Universal Music Brasil (ND’s label in Brasil) is already aware of that, since this is a national campaign for that store, Renner has stores in almost every city in the country. They are using JAG’s riff, and if they get approval from publisher, they can do that.
    It’s not a song made for radio airplay, there no actual artist behind it, it’s people paid to do music for that add only.

  6. Of all the upcoming shows this seems the most exciting to me because it’s acoustic. Also a good cause. I hope they do a track off p&s. Sparkle 🙂

  7. Interscope needs to work on getting ND to record new music… who cares about a song from a TV ad, it’s not like someone is making money over ND’s riff for JAG.

  8. I agree with Cynthia. That’s what I was trying to say. I don’t think there’s need to sue or something. There’s no commercial purposes for that song in the ad.

  9. Even if it was a blatant rip off, I can’t stand what happened with pharrell and ‘blurred lines’—- it would look extremely stupid for any legal action, imagine the headline— “90’s band No Doubt sue Brazilian tv add for ripping off ’95 hit ‘just a girl” —–ridiculous!!!

  10. Interesting. Tom just replied to a fan saying that they’re “looking into it”. If it wasn’t such big deal he’d ignore it.

  11. Bob, I don’t think it’s ridiculous when it’s an obvious copy. The instrumental is very similar. Many youtubers automatically identified it as being JAG.

  12. @ndlover, how much money would ND even get from suing?? COME ON. it be a waste of time for them, and if it really bothers them they can send a cease& desist

  13. Yes, I will, cause I’m the one getting all stressed out about it.
    This has been on TV for over a month now, see how worried I am that ND is loosing some cents.

    1. Your problem dude. Yes I’m worried cause of the band. This is primarily about artistic integrity. I don’t think the band needs more cash but it’s not right to copy someone else’s work. They’re not selling the song but are using it to advertise their products. Big difference. NOT.

  14. @cynthia, I’m glad you laughed and have a sense of humor, right after I posted it I thought people might get crazy 🙂

  15. @ndlover, just curious do u think that artist that had the similar sounding song to ‘baby don’t lie’ should’ve went after Gwen and her whole team?

  16. That’s a whole different story. See, I don’t consider that song a rip-off. The thing about Ji Nilsson’s song is that the sound is very generic. Then what to say of songs like Princess Of China, Te Amo or even Madonna’s Hold Tight? They also share the same feel. lol One thing is to create a similar feel or mood with a song, like for example the infamous Pharrell & Robin vs Gaye case. Other thing is to shamelessly steal the exact guitar sound, riffs, etc.

  17. There are so many songs that sound similar or are inspired by other songs that it’s hard to know where to draw the line at times. Who knows, Gwen’s people could have tossed some money that girls way to prevent her from sueing or making negative comments.

    And LOL bob!!

  18. Of course this new song was heavily inspired by JAG, but at the end of the day it’s still a different song. Different key, different notes and different melody. I don’t see the point in taking legal actions and I don’t see how this a different situation than BDL being a “rip-off” of that swedish song? If ND sued that company, it would only be fair if Ji Nilsson sued Gwen/Tedder too. People on Youtube and ATRL also instantly recognized the similarities right after BDL was released. No need to stir up drama and controversay. I agree with Bob: ND would look silly, if they sued somebody for a new song that sounds like a 25 year old other song.

  19. @The Batcaver I like the song, the chorus makes me want to listen to the whole song. But as like Cynthia said, that song was made just for the add. I don’t think that the band (No Doubt) should worry about it. And I guess that it will turn out to nothing. I can see the good point of it: the person or group who made the song for the add likes No Doubt and I can see it as a homage.

  20. Maybe Cynthia is part of their team and decided to copy it. 😉 Wouldn’t surprise me. lol (Just kidding!)

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