Video: "DJs" Live From Pittsburgh Last Night

Thanks so much to artfclsweetnr from the forum, but No Doubt treated fans in Pittsburgh, PA to a version of “DJs” last night! Woah! I think they are starting to pull out the goodies for the tour! It looks like it replaced “End It On This” during the set list. Thanks to tragiclamb for the video — so good!

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  1. Loved that! They always do that song combo so well! Gwen confused the lyrics a couple of times but it still sounded great. Would be nice if there were better quality tapings of it somewhere though.

  2. I lost it when they played DJ’s, I swung my arms in the air and punched the guy in front of me on accident haha, felt like I was the only one that knew the lyrics, I kinda noticed Gwen stumbled on the lyrics twice but that don’t matter at all. I hope another show gets this treat

    – Lougroza2

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