On Upcoming EMA Performance: “Less is More”

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No Doubt gave a small exclusive interview to MTV UK about their upcoming performance on the Europe Music Awards (EMAs). They told us to expect a “straight forward” classic performance from them, “less is more”. Gwen says that their performance of “Looking Hot” will be very “graphic” and just “straight up No Doubt”. We love the sound of that!

Adrian also says he’s looking forward the most to the Killer’s performance, both Tom and Gwen are looking forward to Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and Muse.

The EMAs air this Sunday on MTV2 at 11:00 PM from Frankfurt, Germany. This will be the first time No Doubt has performed at this event.

MTV UK — No Doubt are set to make their debut at the 2012 MTV EMA in Frankfurt tomorrow night (11th November) – with the reunited rockers exclusively telling MTV News that fans are in store for a ‘straight forward’ classic performance.

While leading lady Gwen Stefani may have graced the EMA stage as a solo artist before, this time, she will be joined by fellow No Doubters Tony Ashwin Kanal, Adrian Young and Tom Dumont for the first time at the Festhalle for this year’s event.

Speaking of what we can expect from their performance, Gwen revealed: “We decided to do a straight forward, No Doubt band performance.”

Tony then said: “It’s gonna be less is more”, to which Stefani agreed: “Less is more.”

She continued: “It’s gonna be very graphic and just a straight up, No Doubt, band performance, just show and tell it like it is kinda thing right? No tricks up our sleeves.”

Guitarist Tom explained: “I think it might stand out because the great thing about this show is that it’s theatrical, it’s massive and it has all these concepts and then we are gonna have a unique space in all that.”

When asked who of their fellow performers they are looking forward to seeing, Adrian stated: “The Killers.”

Gwen revealed: “Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift.”

Tom added: “I’m really excited about Taylor Swift and Muse as well, both of them are my favourites.”

He also went on to confess to being a fan of South Korean singer PSY and his Gangnam Style, but added that he would not be joining him on stage to do his now famous horse-riding dance: “I love the dance and I love the video but I’m not gonna do it.”

13 Replies to “On Upcoming EMA Performance: “Less is More””

  1. @Amanda G
    I agree, there is no way this song is going to be a hit. In fact I would be surprised if it even charts. They should just release “One More Summer” or “Heaven” already since they are the two most mainstream sounding songs.

    1. Push and Shove would have been slaughtering the charts but it never became a single, I wonder why No Doubt never got push and shove to be a single, that would have been great promotion

  2. @Melissa
    No song will chart. They’ve mishandled this entire era. The album flopped, Settle Down did, Looking Hot is about to. They should’ve been doing rounds on talk shows and radio interviews promoting the hell out of it. They should’ve been on the VMAs and other shows like that. Why they haven’t done SNL yet is beyond me. And LH should’ve been released to iTunes and had a lyric video posted right after their performance at iHeartRadio. Why they waited is beyond my comprehension – it only killed any and all momentum they had going into that single.

    It’s over. No one but us fans care about P&S and this whole era anymore. I know I’ll probably get flamed for this, but lets get real about the entire situation. This whole era has been frustrating and poorly managed on their part. No amount of promo can save it now.

  3. While video drama might have hurt it (and I think they should film a new video), I do think it has hit potential. I honestly don’t see any other song on the album being a hit… They are too mellow. P&S (the song) is fun, but it doesn’t fit into mainstream radio. I think this album didn’t stand a chance with the poor timing. I would have been sad, but I think they should have waited until next spring/summer when their kids would have been out of school and they could have immediately hit the road and promoted it for a whole summer. It also would have given them more time to add another (quality) song or two to the roaster. One of my other favorite bands, Matchbox Twenty, seem to be going through a similar situation. 10 year wait, mediocre selling first single, record company doesn’t care, not much interest from the public… The 10-11 year wait nearly killed both bands.

  4. Trust me – the single won’t do anything. Why they waited nearly a month post iHeartRadio show, which debuted the song to the public, to release it is beyond me.

    And the video scandal didn’t help. Neither are the lackluster performances of it. Settle Down had Gwen slaying the vocals at practically every TV performance. Every LH one sees her sounded winded and you can hear her gasping for breath between lines. These things aren’t helping matters much.

    Best just to move on, go on a smaller venue tour, and wrap up the era and move on to the next album.

  5. Meh, it’s too early to count it out. My friends who are not huge ND fans love LH. I still intend to enjoy this era. I’m sure they’ll tour next year and I’ll be there! Maybe since they put so much pressure on themselves to put out this album, the next one will be faster and easier for them to pump out. Kind of like the turnaround was from ROS to RS.

  6. Reading this ‘Less is more’ disappointed me a little bit, I have seen so many of these performances by them on so many different shows etc and I thought: right this is the time for a massive performance with all the theatrics! I know they’re not just driven by success, though maybe they could’ have taken some influence from Gwen’s solo career with the extremely successful theatrical performance-I do understand that they’re just wanting to keep it basic and back to their band roots though!

  7. “Looking Hot” is great live, but “Push and Shove” is better…plus, the UK Radio One DJs were obsessed with it. How much more obvious could it be? And that video is on youtube. Switch-a-roo time! Then give us “Easy” and hitville is solidified :).

  8. These are all very good points. The promotion for this album reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic” where she had a medicore chart performance for the first single and decent numbers for her album first week but then the album quickly dissapeared on the charts and no other single charted
    I honesy do not see any other song making the top 40 from “Push and Shove”

  9. Layla, true, but Aguilera also completely gave up on the album after only 2 singles. I hope No Doubt don’t give up on it that easily!

  10. If you missed or want the ‘Looking Hot’ video I have it downloaded- I was able to catch one of the last links before it got pulled. I’ve burned a few copies for some No Doubters already. I’m more than happy to do it. Email me: theycallmescottyb@gmail.com. Because some more people have asked I just ask that the cost of the shipping and the DVD be covered? About $6.69 has been the average cost to those I’ve already sent it to, and to make it more “worth it” I’m also including the ‘Settle Down’ and “Push and Shove’ videos as well, so all 3 ‘P&S’ era vids so far on one DVD. I’m not trying to cash in, I’m simply trying to allow true fans the opportunity to see this video, as I think the whole “scandal” is completely ridiculous. I am in NO way trying to go against the band or ANYTHING like that- the video has been pulled off the world wide web and it cannot be seen by those who (stupidly, in my opinion) might take “offense”. This is strictly for hard core lovers of the band, the true fans, who believe this was a bad move for promoting this record and want to continue to show their full support to the band as much as possible like I always have, do, and always will. So go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Like I said, several fans from the sites have already gotten theirs and emailed me and loved it. I’m not shady, I’m a life-long No Doubter, and I’m here for my fellow No Doubters in this time of need! 😉

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