No Doubt Listed On The Pier Magazine’s Most Anticipated Albums

I know these posts are getting repetitive since the band is landing on so many of these lists, but I think this one is pretty special since it’s a rock and reggae blog that I frequent often and they have always have had a love for the band. The Pier has also listed No Doubt on thier list of anticipated albums for 2012! There is a huge list of albums coming out this year to be excited for if you’re in the reggae community — but of course No Doubt is on top!

The article also does mention that there is rumored of a “big guest artist” on the album… not quite sure who they are referring to. Major Lazer? We will have to see!

The Pier — No Doubt will be releasing their 6th album and first in over a decade in 2012 as the whole album has been produced Mark “Spike” Stent, who was behind the production on their Rock Steady album. They have also collaborated in production with Diplo & Switch. It’s been reported that they are taking influence from Ska & Reggae for the new album. It was originally set to be released in 2011, but the group decided to delay the release to ensure quality.

They have 10 track titles that have been revealed that include expected prom theme song “Dreaming The Same Dream”, ”One More Summer”, “Gravity”, “Settle Down”, “Easy”, “Heaven”, “Undercover”, “Push & Shove”, “Looking Hot” and “Sparkle”. The album has yet to be titled and is rumored to feature a big-name guest artist and collaboration with Major Lazer.

Thanks to my wonderful finance for the tip! 😉

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