No Doubt Make Reunion Official With Pumped-Up Bamboozle Gig

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I just want to mention how POSITIVE everyone is being with the new shows! Everyone is saying that ND are back in full force — like they never left! It makes me so happy and even more pumped for the upcoming tour — Vegas in less than two weeks! Rolling Stone added a new review of last night’s show to their website this morning, and we also added it to the tour reviews blog!

As Gwen Stefani said during the Bamboozle festival’s Sunday closer, this was No Doubt’s “second show in five fucking yeeeeeeears.” And the intrepid band made sure their headlining set picked up exactly where they left off. This was the return of No Doubt the Billboard-dominating party band, not the continuing adventures of Gwen Stefani, globe-trotting pop star and fashion mogul. Stefani was looking as punky and spunky as she was in 1997: tight ponytail, trademark sleeveless white shirt and some chains flopping by her sides. With gusto, she bounced around, skanked like a ragdoll, banged her head, flailed her arms and basically ran around like a white blur straight through opening tracks “Spiderwebs,” “Hella Good” and “Bathwater.” Somehow she never appeared out of breath.

The band hammered away with a set made up exclusively of their voluminous catalog of hit singles — excepting a quick detour into Tragic Kingdom album track “Different People” and a lively cover of the Skatalites 1964 first-wave ska classic “The Guns Of Navarone.” “Underneath It All” was greeted with a shimmy and “Excuse Me Mr.” got a radical makeover, slowed down and skanked up until it sounded like the English Beat.

Stefani seemed almost perversely excited to be performing onstage with a band again, spending the show running out into the crowd, pointing out audience members she recognized from the previous night’s Atlantic City warm-up show, and screaming “I fucking love… this… song” before launching into their hit cover of Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life.” The reason she’s so excited, she intimated, was because touring gives No Doubt inspiration to record music — so expect the long-awaited follow-up to 2001’s Rock Steady sooner than later. After nine very sultry push-ups and launching herself up the scaffolding for “Just A Girl,” the band gave the audience a sneak peek of their drum-heavy cover of Adam & The Ants’ “Stand And Deliver,” which they’ll be performing on an episode of Gossip Girl on May 11th.

Complete set list behind the cut!

No Doubt set list


“Hella Good”


“Underneath It All”

“Excuse Me Mr.”


“Simple Kind Of Life”

“Guns Of Navarone” (The Skatalites)

“Hey Baby”



“Different People”

“Don’t Speak”

“It’s My Life” (Talk Talk)

“Just A Girl”


“Stand And Deliver” (Adam & The Ants)

“Sunday Morning”

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