No Doubt Listed On MTV’s Most Anticipated Albums Of 2011

Okay… back to business! It seems like everyone is excited at this point about the new record and them being in the studio, and No Doubt is listed on MTV’s 8 most anticipated albums of 2011! It’s getting close! I love how they mentioned how in touch the band has been with us during the whole process. We love you, ND!

MTVArtist: No Doubt

Title: TBA

Anticipated Release Date: TBA

The Buzz: No Doubt have been reunited for a little while now, touring with Paramore and reconnecting with fans. They spent much of ’10 writing new material, and, as of this writing, had hit the studio to record their sixth studio…23 hours ago! That is, according to the No Doubt Twitter, which has been updating followers on the band’s progress. Great to have Gwen Stefani and the boys back.

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  1. lol but check the rest of the list, lady gaga, beyonce, britney, the guy from fallout boy? this is so sad, who cares about mtv anymore? i really hope no doubt realize mtv isn’t what it used to back in the 90s

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