No Doubt Launches Charitable Foundation

Just when you thought they couldn’t be any more amazing, we mentioned this over a week ago, but ND made it official by updating their website about their new foundation, No Doubt Foundation, that helps several charities in need and also serves as a reserve for emergency situations. You can find a link to the foundation on BSO on the left, or visit

In an effort to support causes close to the band, No Doubt has launched their own charitable foundation. A formal foundation will enable the band to host charity events, auctions and outreach to help raise funds for organizations in need.

The No Doubt Foundation launches with a fundraiser tied to the band’s upcoming tour – a chance to bid on VIP packages for each show. Each package includes VIP seats, tour memorabilia and a private meet and greet with the band. The tour auction unfolds in four waves, each wave directed at benefiting a different charity. Sixty percent of funds raised will go directly to those four charities.

No band member or representatives will keep a dime of money raised by the No Doubt Foundation.

There are two reasons for holding in reserve 40% of proceeds raised.

First, there are many charities out there in need of funds. This auction enables the foundation to immediately give a big chunk of money to four different charities whose causes are personal to the band. Outside of those charities, the foundation will hold in reserve some funds to help out other charities throughout the year. Additionally, there are emergency situations that arise unexpectedly. Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the fires in San Diego are all examples of recent tragedies that leave many people in need of help. We want to hold onto a portion of proceeds raised so the foundation can lend a hand when situation like those arise.

Second, there are hard costs to keeping a charitable organization up and running. Things like the development of this website, the foundation’s administrator, etc. all cost money. A portion of the proceeds is reserved to cover these expenses.

The foundation will post a full accounting of funds at the end of the year for fans to review. Our goal is to continue raising money for worthwhile charities in the years to come. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the world today and in the future.

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