No Doubt Interview for Weenie Roast 2000

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Thank you to Instagram’s tabbahatesyou for sharing a photo from a KROQ Weenie Roast booklet that was out circa 2000 to promote the concert that featured a mini-interview with No Doubt. We’ve transcribed the short question and answer below — and oh how we love their sense of humor. Thank you Tabitha!

What is your favorite song right now?
Adrian: “Slip It In” by Black Flag
Gwen: “Everything Reminds Me of Her” by Elliott Smith
Tony: “Writing to Reach You” by Travis
Tom: The secret song on the Travis record

What is your favorite album to come out this year?
Adrian: Avantgardog – Eleven
Gwen: BloodFlowers – The Cure
Tony: The Man Who – Travis
Tom: Return of Saturn – No Doubt

Band to watch for in the year 2000:
Adrian: No Doubt
Gwen: Don’t ask me
Tony: The Beatles
Tom: Papa Roach

What is your favorite movie to to come out this year?
Adrian: Magnolia
Gwen: Being John Malkovich
Tony: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Tom: None

What is your favorite meal to eat on tour?
Adrian: Seared tuna
Gwen: Reeses Pieces
Tony: Sushi
Tom: Real mexican – yes or no?
Adrian: No
Gwen: Yes
Tony: Yo
Tom: My connection is too slow; I’d rather buy CDs

What CD can’t you stop listening to?
Adrian: Chris Cornell
Gwen: BloodFlowers – The Cure
Tony: Gold Greatest Hits – Abba
Tom: Music for a Darkened Theater – Danny Elfman

What’s the best show on TV right now?
Adrian: Sex and the City
Gwen: I don’t watch TV
Tony: The Simpsons
Tom: CNBC Marketwatch

Who is your favorite actor? Actress?
Adrian: Kevin Spacey and Cameron Diaz
Gwen: Jimmy Stewart, Ben Stiller and Julie Andrews, Grace Kelly, Kate Winslet
Tony: Al Pachino in Scarface and Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface
Tom: Spike Jonze in Three Kings and Natascha McElhone

Tell us a secret nobody knows yet:
Adrian: I’m pregnant
Gwen: Yeah, right
Tony: Adrian’s pregnant
Tom: Jack Daniels cures cancer

3 Replies to “No Doubt Interview for Weenie Roast 2000”

  1. Thanks for posting but please don’t leave us on the hook, whats Toms “CD he can’t stop listening to? Their humor has always been top notch. I miss their funny interviews.

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