No Doubt Included On Fuse’s Dream Warped Tour Fantasy Lineup

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Fuse has included No Doubt on their new Warped Tour Fantasy lineup. The band was included on the lineup for the very first Warped Tour festival in 1995 then made a special appearance in Minnesota back in 2000. We agree that the band most likely will not return, but that would be crazy if they did! Gwen has also mentioned in the past that she’s over touring big festivals.

FuseNo Doubt

Yeah, they’re probably too big to return to Warped at this point, but we can dream about the reunited ska-dance masters joining the lineup.

One Reply to “No Doubt Included On Fuse’s Dream Warped Tour Fantasy Lineup”

  1. When did she say that about festivals? That bums me out because one of my fave live performances of them was the Holland festival in 2002.

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