No Doubt Headlining San Diego’s Kaaboo Festival In September

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No Doubt has been named one of the headliners at San Diego’s inaugural Kaaboo Del Mar Festival happening the weekend of September 18 Rolling Stone is reporting. The band will take part in the first-ever three-day music, arts and comedy festival being held at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds.

Passes are available now on their official website starting at $259 for general admission for the weekend which gives fans access to all seven stages.

No Doubt is headlining alongside The Killers, Zac Brown Band, Snoop Dogg, Foster The People among many others.

Tom had mentioned this past weekend that an announcement would be made today so we’re assuming this is it — another date for fans to check out the band live this year! He also posted the band’s upcoming shows on Instagram and hinted that more show announcements may be on the way.

Photo courtesy of Getty.

27 Replies to “No Doubt Headlining San Diego’s Kaaboo Festival In September”

  1. Damn $269 that’s only $50 cheaper than an EDC 3 day pass – a festival with internationally relevant talent and world-renown production quality. They’re trippin if they don’t release single day passes at some point.

  2. Of course there will be single day passes. Calm your tits.
    Anyway I wish they released a new album 1st. It’s a bit of letdown for international fans. No Gwen / No Doubt album at all.

  3. Tom hints if there could more concerts… they could do international festivals. RIR in RIO hasnt confirmed that many bands. They do own us a visit, its been what? 17 years already…

  4. @doom if the album is still coming it likely won’t be until the fall to be in time with gwens return to the voice. If we are lucky and the album doesn’t get shelved…

  5. Well, Gwen’s solo album is obviously no longer on any priority list. I wouldn’t be surprised, if she just never mentioned it again and went on “tour” with ND to play old hits. Looks already like a withdrawel to me.

  6. She went on tv and “announced” a solo tour, right? Listen, I’m also a working mom and have ADHD, but I think I can keep my focus on one thing longer than Gwen does lately.
    ^^YYY, it will end up the same way the 2013 recordings did. Sad 😕

  7. Well i’m sure she is under contract with mastercard, so at least we know she has to follow that whole campaign through to the end.
    I personally think the album will come out. the big question is when.

  8. if they are waiting on the voice she wouldn’t find out for a while. at least that’s how it worked last time. i think last year it was announced in june or so. correct me if I’m wrong.
    thats quite a few months to wait on something that might not even happen.

  9. Gwen’s stinkin’ rich and lives in luxury because of us fans who gave our hard-earned money to her. And now she doesn’t feel the need to do any other ND or solo albums for us peasants.

    1. This is nonsense. We know that she recorded plenty of new songs, but it’s not up to her when/if they will be released. That’s Interscope’s decision and not Gwen’s. Interscope is the publisher. If Interscope pushes her album back or refuses to release it at all, there’s nothing Gwen can do about it. It’s not her fault. Her singles flopped and now Interscope sits on her album and holds it back. This has happened to many other artists before and it’s nothing unusual. Gwen is just as helpless as we are. All she can do is wait for Interscope.

  10. Maybe Interscope sees that Gwen doesn’t have the passion or the time to promote a new album properly. They are a business after all!

  11. I agree with @amandag
    & @ndlover, itd be so awesome if Gwen leaked her album, but I think she follows all the rules and not the controversial type

    I don’t follow ‘fashion’ or know too much about it, but I think itd be cool if Gwen just went 100% into her fashion lines and make those as big as possible, just like Victoria Beckham, she’s dropped music completely and her line is taken seriously and does really well. Remember in interviews Gwen would always say she started LAMB to still have a creative outlet when she stopped doing music. Itd be great to see these kind of ‘hits’ shows from here on out

  12. I think she has probably spread herself pretty thin with all these brands and of course her family commitments. I couldn’t care less about cartoons and lipsticks, I’d rather have her commit to music again. I think we will only hear her new album if she is asked to be on The Voice next fall. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  13. It is kind of crazy that after the huge success and notoriety the band had after tragic kingdom they only released 2 ALBUMS in their career before starting families. I do find that kinda crazy. But I guess its the same reason why I’m one of the rare fans who DOESNT want annnny new music from them, I absolutely love what they’ve given us and the world.

  14. At this point I don’t need a new ND album, I only want a new song… But a really really really x 100 GOOD song from them, so happy I could die.

  15. I kinda agree that Gwen has far too many different projects at the same time, but I don’t think her lipstick/nail polish line or the cartoon are really consuming much of her time. Let’s be realistic here: All she has to do to get these things going is signing a contract and allowing them to use her name. It’s not like she’s actually sitting at her desk drawing the cartoon herself or mixing the colors for the lipsticks lol. They probably only send her some samples and she tells them what she thinks about it – if anything. So I don’t really see how all her other projects could be a reason for her not having enough time to make music. To be honest, I’m pretty sure music works the same way for her these days: All these songwriters and producers send her some demos and she just has to pick the ones she likes. We know she has barely met any of all these people in real life. I really don’t think time is much of an issue these days. I guess in the end this whole dilemma comes down to Gwen’s wrong opinion about STF. I think she really thought this would be THE song for her this time around and that’s why she prefered promoting this instead of BDL. I think if BDL had received the same promo treatment as STF, the album would’ve been released before Christmas as planned. Well, shit happens.

  16. I’m just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. She may only check emails, sign a contract and make phone calls with her brands, but she does have her name on a lot of stuff. The lipsticks and cartoon were just two examples of her multiple projects. Plus Gavin seems to always be on tour (lol) and she has 3 boys to think about. My point was that I couldn’t care less about any of the brands. Of course I hope they are successful for her, but I’m here for music. Songwriting used to give her pride, therapy and joy and I wish she’d get that spark back.

  17. Hmmm, I don’t know about that @ndlover, Ms. Posh Spice’s last name is BECKHAM, one of the WORLDS biggest athletes! Athletes have a kind of ‘fame’ that surpasses a normal celebrity, id go as far as saying even just a Beckham jersey #23, is more world renowned than our beloved ‘hollaback girl’

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