No Doubt Headlining Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Experience Sept. 5


It’s been announced that No Doubt are adding another date to their festival tour this September! The band is set to headline the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Experience happening Saturday, September 5, the Aspen Times is reporting. The annual festival is happening in Snowmass (Aspen), Colorado at the Snowmass Town Park.

Jazz Aspen president and CEO Jim Horowitz said of No Doubt performing, “No Doubt is only performing a few select high profile shows at large major festivals this summer, including New Orleans [Jazz and Heritage Festival], Coachella, Bottlerock and Rock in Rio Vegas, so it’s a great honor that they agreed to join JAS for our 25th season event.”

3-day passes for the festival are going on sale soon via and the article does mention that single day tickets will be released at a later date depending on availability. A special pre-sale will be happening this coming Monday.

We hope a bunch of No Doubters are able to make it out to the festivals to see the band this summer!

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  1. September? Well, that pretty much confirmes that Gwen’s solo “era” won’t be continued this year. I thought the festival shows would mainly focus on spring to summer, so that Gwen could release a new single in fall.

  2. I’m surprised Interscope is okay with throwing away money like that. First with ND’s failed studio sessions in 2012 and now with Gwen’s from 2014. Timing is everything though and maybe if Gwen gets a 2nd season on The Voice, they will kick it into high gear. When will that be announced?

    I’ve been listening to TK, ROS and BSC a lot lately and I really wish they would incorporate one or two non-singles. MITM is such an amazing track and deserves to be played. The same goes for so many others.

  3. I guess that’s why Interscope sends ND on the road now. To make some money again. ND/Gwen have burned lots of Interscope’s money and precious time since 2012, I guess they finally want something back now. Live shows are a good and easy way to make some money and Interscope can make a lot more money with random live shows than with a new album.

  4. I thought concerts is where performers make the most money? I didn’t think the record labels got a big cut of that – if any. They make their money off of album/singles sales.

  5. I don’t understand how the band expects their fans to be even remotely excited about these shows. They’ve been sending us mixed signals for years now. First they turn their back on p&s, we deal with it and then they get us hyped on the follow up album. Then they drop that, we deal with it and contend with Gwen solo. Then we get hyped for that and it disapates for no clear reason. Now we’re supposed to get hyped for a random greatest hits festival “tour”? We’ve been switching gears for a while now. It’s tiring. I don’t really blame them for anything. However, I still think they let us down one too many times now. They really have made an art out of disappointing their fans.

  6. @AmandaG I hope that’s the case! I think last year it was announced in May that gwen was doing the voice so let’s cross our fingers that she returns.

  7. I really don’t see how waiting for her to appear on the voice again to release her album would do any good… She was really vocal to any and every media outlet that a new album was coming…then to wait just about a full year to release it?? I think interscope saw that the show didn’t help her music the first time around

  8. Bob, I think it’s pretty clear that it didn’t help her because she realized too late that she needed music to promote on the show. And then proceeded not to even promote her first single! She/management came into it unprepared and it was a disaster. I’m hoping they will have learned some lessons if there is a 2nd stint. Listen, I don’t think she will have a smash hit or a gold album, but it would be better with the show than without it. If she had stood behind BDL, I think it would have been a minor hit with the help of The Voice.

    I feel that way too sometimes Doom. I’ve come to realize that ND do what makes them happy and if fans follow, then great.

  9. If only the word “hit” was taken out of the damn picture!
    Everyone – the band, Gwen, the label, management AND the fans would be happier and things would turn out more successful.

  10. @amanda g, I get all that you’re saying and not saying your wrong but I don’t understand much when people blame a lot on promo/management/timing etc etc, I would’ve agreed 100% with that if this was 10years ago. But in this time we live in with music, if the content is good, it can have legs of its own. Gwen had her music in daily tv adds, was in Americas living twice a week, performed live, interviews—- there’s songs on the radio that don’t even get half that promo. I don’t know I looooove Gwen but I really don’t see how the voice will help her, it never did for Christina. Unlike maroon5, there was no decade gap for them. I just think her music has to actually be good and not just liking it cuz its gwen

  11. Yes that was part of what made it a disaster. She was not prepared and rushed to record/release two singles that were not great. If she gets a 2nd season, now she has the time to polish her material and select the best of it.

    Christina not finding success is a whole other story. However, she did collab on 3 hit songs.

  12. No Doubt has created a new niche for themselves and that’s genius if you ask me. Raising children is the hardest job you’ll ever love and being able to do some other really cool stuff while you raise them is even better. Rock on, No Doubt!!

  13. I would actually disagree with that statement AnandaG, I think Xtina and Gwen have had similar experiences. Like Gwen Xtina released “Your Body” when the voice was starting yet she had no live performance of it anywhere not even on The Voice. She did however perform her second single towards the end of the season like Gwen did. Only difference is that she actually had her album come out. Yes christina has been on the voice three times prior to gwen, but only once did she have new music out.

  14. I agree with everything you guys have said. I don’t really think The Voice will make or break this comeback. If the music sucks, people won’t buy it. I’m not saying BDL and STF sucked, but both were not really that great either. I also agree that being on The Voice is still better than nothing, but she just needs to be more passionate about doing solo music again. There was no inspiration/vision behind BDL and STF, the videos were lame and the sound was dated. Gwen is not in the position (anymore), where she can sell singles just by her name. I agree that BDL could’ve been bigger than it was, because it had the benefit of being the “comeback single”, but STF on the other hand was just hopeless. This wouldn’t have been a hit, even if it was on 100 TV commercials.

  15. YYY, you speak the truth. I just wonder how long fans will stick around before they just stop caring. I never listen to their old music anymore, and I’m to the point now where I could care less if they even release new music. I just check in now and again to see what fashions Gwen is wearing, but that’s becoming boring too.

  16. Gwen was spotted heading into a studio yesterday. I think she’s just putting some effort and time to mature the songs and make a more consistent album. We just need to be a little more patient.

  17. Well, at least we will get the new Major Lazer song that features Gwen next month. I just hope it will be better than all the other new stuff.

  18. More patient…LOL

    I didn’t want to get into the Christina thing since this isn’t her fansite, but I feel that her personality and appearance played a big part in her failure along with poor single choices. And I’m saying that as a fan of hers too. Lotus was actually pretty good.

  19. I don’t expect too much from that song with Major Lazer, since their sound is very generic. I only like 5 songs from Major Lazer and I don’t think the song with Gwen will be different from all the other stuff she’s been collaborating. I hope I’m wrong and I hope they get me surprised.

  20. Major Lazor is the only hope I have for a DOPE song coming from Gwen! I love all they do! “push and shove” was the best song off the album!

  21. Doom, I think you are very wrong. Its ok to be tired of it and not give an F but after months of really listening to the band and Gwen you can almost puzzle piece it to make sense. Tom has said in no certain terms, he doesn’t know. Last year the band thought they were making music. She gets pregnant and gets the Voice so there goes the ND music on hold (she even admitted that) so what is ND to do but wait until she is done with the Voice. Then she said she needed to make music fast for the Voice and can’t do that with ND (obviosly because they actually write music) and she recorded songs. Again what is ND to do? The lead singer has now changed the timeline and even the deal 3 times and the Voice is not even done yet. Then she promotes her 2 failed songs and gets a MC deal which has her (solo) do a bunch of stuff and shows. ND is still waiting. She does her shows and goes back in to the studio for her solo stuff, not ND so again they are waiting and probably feeling like she is stringing it out. So all they can do is play because she doesn’t have time to write with ND only solo.

  22. I forgot about Push And Shove because it is a ND song. I know ML produced it, but I’m sure the song would be 95% different if it was a Major Lazer song. I love it anyway.

  23. ^ Matheus, actually from what I got, P&S (the song) was brought to No Doubt and they liked it so much that they decided to take it. Of course they re-wrote it and made it their own, but honestly the song wouldn’t sound like that without Major Lazer at all. And the good thing is that Switch was still the other half, not just Diplo. Even though it sounds very ND I think it’s 80% ML & Busy Signal.

  24. Didn’t ND only contribute the chorus to P&S? I think most of the song was pretty much already there.

  25. Of course there are always tweaks here and there. In the end you can’t really point out: “oh this is my bit and that’s your bit” cause you end up re-arranging the whole thing and after all this was a big collaboration, but without ML and BS this song would never exist.
    I’m still so gutted that they didn’t try to work on another song at least.

  26. Well, I guess the reality is No Doubt is more like a side project for Gwen. She’s pretty much transitioned herself into a fashion brand than a rockstar and I don’t blame her because there isn’t really much money for them to make in the music industry like before. Besides with everyone having a family, they don’t have the freedom to run around and tour anymore. The festival gigs are more convinient for the band and their families.

  27. I think it’s not just ND: Music in general is a side project for Gwen. It takes a lot of time to record songs and it makes even more time, if you want to at least co-write them. And in the end it doesn’t even pay off, because you can’t really make much money with music anymore.

  28. Gwen is smart enough. When she started her fashion lines she knew this day would come. Let’s get real her heyday is long gone. While many other artists disappeared into obscurity she managed somehow to stay relevant. I mean, No Doubt is still headlining festivals with a front woman in a band. That’s still amazing!

  29. @ndlover, your comment blew my mind, some of the things u said I never everrrrrrr thought u could even think let alone type lol

  30. Ok I found more info. On PopJustice forums people are saying that there might be another album coming out later this year. Probably Part II. So I hope it’s true and Gwen is part of it.

  31. Hahaha I knew it !!!
    This was way too good to be true. Of all the rumored upcoming collabs I was most excited by this one.
    Looking at the track list, this would have given her some much needed cool cred.

    Oh well. Let down once again. Perhaps I should be honest with myself and learn to put my compassion into plastic multi colored watches for teen girls.

  32. ^ Diplo has confirmed the collaboration and according to some rumours there might be a Part 2 album coming up later this year.

  33. @NDLOVER
    Yes I know diplo himself confirmed it.
    I see the what you found about rumours of part two. Thanks for the research 🙂

    Truth is – she is not on the album. The rest is speculation. Do I even need to say I have very little remaining patience for speculation?

  34. So, this basically means that we don’t have anything to look forward to until Gwen might return to The Voice at the end of the year. “2015, we take off our shell” haha yeah right… What a joke.

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