No Doubt Headlining Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day in Washington D.C. April 18 (Updated)


It’s been announced this morning that No Doubt have the honor of headlining Global Citizen’s 2015 Earth Day happening April 18 in Washington D.C. The free event will be taking place on the historic grounds of the Washington Monument on Saturday, April 18, in honor of the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

The event kicks off at 11:00 AM-7:00 PM and No Doubt is set to headline the show alongside Usher, Fall Out Boy, Mary J Blige, Train and My Morning Jacket.

No Doubt released a statement and shared it with Rolling Stone saying this time around they are focusing on climate change and how it effects the world’s poor.

“Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day will be a moment for every one of us to call for serious action to end extreme poverty and solve climate change,” festival founder Hugh Evans tells Rolling Stone. “Our goal with the event is to see major commitments from the World Bank, United States, South Korea, Canada, Ireland, France, Denmark and more to ensure that access to food, education and sanitation is available to all.

We are extremely excited to have No Doubt join us again…”

No Doubt also played at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival at New York’s Central Park last September. That performance featured Sting making a surprise appearance onstage with Gwen Stefani and company along with sets by Carrie Underwood, fun., the Roots, Tiesto and the main headliner Jay Z, who was joined by Beyoncé.

“Last year, we rocked with 60,000 global citizens in Central Park, all committed to ending extreme poverty,” No Doubt said in a statement. “We now help bring this movement to the nation’s capital, this time with a focus on climate change and its inexorable effect on the world’s poor. We owe it to our children to protect our planet and their futures.”

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Marking the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day comes during a pivotal time to protect the planet and ensure that world leaders address key issues facing the next generation. Timed to coincide with the spring meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund, Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day will bring together global policymakers, finance ministers, environment and development NGOs, industry executives and high-profile artists.

Together, these world leaders will work to educate and inspire citizens to take immediate action to end extreme poverty and address climate change. The event is part of a widespread effort to mobilize global citizens in the climate and environmental movement, and the poverty and development movement to drive bold commitments from governments, businesses and individuals.

We’re very excited for the band to be involved yet again with Global Citizen, a project that is near and dear to their hearts. Fans may remember that No Doubt were one of the headliners at last September’s Global Citizen Festival. The Earth Day event is sponsored by YouTube so we hope it will be available as a live stream.

Fans can sign up to be a part of the event on Below is a map of where the event will be taking place.

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25 Replies to “No Doubt Headlining Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day in Washington D.C. April 18 (Updated)”

  1. That’s quite a big thing, too bad they don’t have any new material to play. Would be smarter, if Gwen performed her new songs there.

  2. Agreed with YYY. Will likely be the same old setlist. What happened to gwens solo tour? She called it a tour when she announced it yet she only did one show.

  3. Gwen new material on this concert? Please people, it’s a ND concert not a Gwen (solo) one. There are A LOT of old school bands that tour playing hits and old songs only, but it would be nice if the band tried some new unreleased material, but it’s not a “for the fans” concert, so yeah, they will and should stick to their classics.

  4. I actually wouldn’t mind if ND did one or two solo songs. I always felt that Cool or TSE would have been great ND songs. But I totally understand why they don’t “go there.”

  5. Yeah I was expecting them to be part of Earth Day, considering how involved Gwen has been involved with Pharrell. 🙂

  6. Yeah let’s separate things. This is a No Doubt concert even if they play the same setlist over and over again. I’d cringe if they started playing Baby Don’t Lie or What You Waiting For?

  7. I think you guys didn’t understand what I was trying to say 😉 I wish this was a solo gig and Gwen performed there WITHOUT ND. No offense, but I don’t see the point of all these random ND shows… Remember Gwen’s solo comeback? Maybe she should take care of that first?

  8. The smart move for ND is to stick with their biggest hits at a festival like this. Save the rare stuff for concerts packed full of their real fans. Of course we always want more, more, more, but there’s a time and a place and this isn’t it. But festivals are a great opportunity for the band to reach out to possible new fans, so they need to wow the crowd with their amazing, mind blowing list of hits. And we all know how outrageous the band is live. How could you not fall in love??? I think No Doubt is being smart by playing all of these festivals.

  9. YYY, at this point ND is considered a lost act from the 90s act and they will be invited to perform no matter what, They’re a bit like U2. No matter if they have new songs, the general public will only want to hear the old hits.

  10. NDHomegirl, Sorry but I don’t agree. They shouldn’t be playing the same setlist over and over again. This will be the same exact event. They should feel embarrassed for playing the same setlist as last year. C’mon!

  11. I think mixing solo with ND would look silly too. I meant that I wish Gwen solo was headling instead of No Doubt considering she is making mew music right now. However I don’t think she is truly serious about this solo comeback.

  12. At least, I would like to hear good non singles, catchy songs that were close to be singles like: Different People, Magic’s In The Make Up, Undone, Don’t Let Me Down, Sparkle, Leftovers, Full Circle or Cellophane Boy.

    Or maybe they would play a cover song like: Ob la di Ob la da (it would cool for that show) or Heartbreaker.

  13. Meh!
    If only they would play different songs instead of the same old single songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again :/

  14. They wont cause its not a “for the fans” concert. They need to play their commercial hits to keep the public going on the concert. If they were actually touring and perfoming on their own it would make much more sense for them to try harder and play different songs (I dont think they would…).

  15. I think a new cover would be fun. I’m hoping they add Settle Down back to the setlist. I liked the arrangement they used during the Gibson shows.

  16. I still think they should try release a new song in summer. They don’t have to call it a “single”, but they would at least have something new to “promote” at all these gigs. There’s so many easy things they could do to make things look less random and messy. Just release a remastered edition of TK (for its anniversary) and add a “The Vault” bonus disc with unreleased stuff and some of the 2013 material. No big promo, no new “album” just something for the fans. Of course they won’t do this, but hey…

  17. I don’t think they would like to release a remastered edition of TK for 3 reasons: 1. This is not the 90s, only people in their 30s or 40s and fans would buy it. 2. That album is called a “ska” album (even if it’s not), and they don’t want anybody to remember their ska roots because it could affect their future sales (I heard a lot of people who say they don’t like ND because they don’t like ska music). 3. People they want to attract now are into pop not alternative music.

    1. “Only people in their 30s and 40s and fans would buy it” – Well, that’s what it’s about: Releasing something for the fans in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their biggest album. People in their 30s and 40s are ND’s/Gwen’s core audience these days. Teens don’t give a fuck anyways.

      “They don’t want anybody to remember their ska roots because it could affect their future sales” – Uhm, yeah and that’s why they still play half of TK’s tracklist at any of their shows lol. TK isn’t a ska album by the way. It’s pop-rock with some minor ska influences.

      No offense, but your reasons aren’t really making any sense 😉

  18. Everyone has their preferences, but I have never heard anyone say they don’t like ND because of their ska influences. An album doesn’t go diamond with people hating the music LOL And I don’t know why you think future sales would be a worry for ND when they aren’t even working on any new material. A re-issue of the album would be for the fans (like EIT was) so it’s not like they would expect it to be super successful anyway. I think they should do something special for TK’s 20th anniversary, but I doubt they will.

  19. Has there been any mention of what time they are going on? I’m going to the show, but I’m only going for No Doubt. My boyfriend has never been to DC, we’re just going for the day, and I’d like to go to the zoo with him, see the pandas, go into museums and such.

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