No Doubt featured on Yahoo’s front page

Seems like everyone is super excited – and why shouldn’t they be!? No Doubt is featured on Yahoo’s front page today with the announcement of the album release date! What a great thing to open your browser to!

2 Replies to “No Doubt featured on Yahoo’s front page”

  1. LOVE the widespread attention that this news is getting, but I hate how a lot of the articles refer to a ‘ten-year absence’ and continual delays that seem to be blamed on Gwen. Yes, it has been over 10 years since Rock Steady was released, but it’s not like they completely dropped off the radar! Have people forgotten the RS tours, The Singles cd and tour, the 2009 tour and several related promotional performances? Yes, this has been a long time coming, but let’s give the band some credit for all that they have done while still having their own projects and being devoted to their respective families.

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