No Doubt Featured In KROQ’s Musical License Plates Gallery

KROQ has put up a new slideshow of fan submitted photos of their music license plates from around the area, and No Doubt is featured — twice! We can imagine (and have seen!) more than this, but these ones are pretty cool. Congrats to the lucky fans who have registered their No Doubt themed license plates, it’s a pretty awesome way to show you’re a fan of the band! Here is what the fans said when they submitted their plates, thanks Christal for the link!

No doubt they’re the best (see what I did there…I’m sorry for that)

No Doubt has been my absolute favorite band for many, many years and I wanted EVERYONE to see that! -Stella

Hope that water is clean…we like ours with bubbles

My favorite song Bathwater by my favorite band No Doubt that I first heard on KROQ when I was in high school.-Marz

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