No Doubt Featured in Kerrang Magazine

Huge thanks to Alice for sending in a photo of No Doubt’s new Push and Shove review in the UK’s Kerrang magazine.

The album received four K’s and they seemed to overall like it.

A No Doubt comeback always seemed unlikely. Not because of any bad blood (they never actually split). But because singer Gwen Stefani obviously moved to another level of stardom, that it would be like Snow White abandoning her fabulous life in the palace to go back down the mine with the Seven Dwarfs and start digging. Well, 11 years since Rock Steady, hi-ho hi-ho, it’s back to work they go and whaddya know? They might have just struck gold. True, anyone hoping for a return of raggedy-ass ska-punk will be disappointed. But Push and Shove takes its cues from Rock Steady and Gwen’s solo career to craft a genre-hopping masterclass. The ballads may underwhelm slightly, but otherwise, be it reggae (Settle Down), disco (Looking Hot), Blondie-esque pop (One More Summer) or erm, electro-ragga-ska-dupstep (Push and Shove), Gwen and co. prove that, when it comes to state-of-the-art, good time punk-dance, they’re still the fairest of them all.

They listed their download recommendations as “One More Summer” and “Push and Shove”.

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