No Doubt Digital Catalog Download Codes Sent Out Today!

Woo! Club members — check your email! I just received my digital download links (in two parts, 615MB a piece!) and I’m downloading now! Can’t wait to hear “Stand and Deliver!” I guess they are sending out download links all at the same time, not depending on your show, which was thought to be the way it worked.

Also, we’re not sure if it is okay to post the song after we have it…we’re still debating what is fair to the fans and the band. Below is the email that we received this afternoon from the tour club.


Dear No Doubt Fan,

Thank you for your ticket purchase and for being a part of No Doubt’s 2009 Summer Tour! Below are the instructions to follow to receive a free download of the band’s entire digital audio catalog for each ticket you purchased.

To download the catalog, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the download page carefully (If the link below is not clickable, copy and paste it into your web browser’s address bar). When you submit your code, a new download link will appear. Once that link is activated, you will have one hour to begin your download. Once your download begins it will run to completion regardless of time.

If you are forwarding the the download link and code to the other ticket holders in your party, please note that each link and code set will only work for one download and from only one computer. So after a link is used, it will no longer function.

Unused download links and codes will remain valid until 30 days after the tour is completed.

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