No Doubt Dedicated "Hella Good" To Michael Jackson Tonight

Thanks so much to Brianna for sharing, apparently the band dedicated tonight’s version of “Hella Good” to the late hero/icon/wonderful Michael Jackson that passed away yesterday afternoon. On a personal note, I am seriously heart sick about his passing and he was a huge deal to me growing up and still was. I am beyond thankful to No Doubt for mentioning him this evening, and hopefully a video will be up shortly of everything. Thanks to the fans for the kind words about it in the Bandhouse. You guys are the best.

On a lighter note — No Doubt played half of “Tragic Kingdom” tonight during the set — and even mentioned that it was toss up between that and “Total Hate!” Ahhh!

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  1. Oh,that is wonderful they dedicated a song to him-what a great tribute. He was one of my personal original idols-his passing is a tragedy for his family,friends,and millions(if not billions) of fans around the fans.His music and legacy will live on forever.

  2. Yeah…I was pretty psyched when they almost played total hate! That would have been sick…was a great show anyway!

  3. Hey… It was amazing. I had a sign that said “My bday wish is to hear total hate or tragic kingdom and gwen read my sign and then said “this one is for you”, grabbed my hand and sang tragic kingdom. It was amazing.

  4. I also wanted to comment that it was amazing that they dedicated “hella good” to Michael Jackson. They are such a respectful band. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  5. total hate?! 🙂

    Sorry, but that had to come before the rest of my comment. Yeah, it is so great that ND said something. His passing was so sudden and such a shock to everyone. I feel like ND gives me new reasons every day as to why they’re my favorite band and why I love them so much!

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