No Doubt Catch Russell Peter's Set Friday Night At The Addison Improv


It’s nice to see the band out and about enjoying themselves out on the road as well! The band was apparently spotted last night at The Addison Improv checking out comedian Russell Peter. During the night, Tom was said to have hopped onstage and played “Just A Girl!” Taken from this morning — sorry we only have one photo from last night.

A big enough name on his own, there were some star-studded additions to the audience at Russell Peters’ late show on Friday night at the Addison Improv. As the lights went down for the first set of the night, members of No Doubt, including Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont, as well as touring bands members, friends and family shuffled into their seats. The band, who hooked back up recently to record new material and tour, are in Dallas for their Saturday show at the Center.

When you’re a typical Dallas audience, this kind of thing doesn’t just happen all the time. When you’re as prolific a comedian as Russell Peters, big names like No Doubt are just friends showing up to support your set.

In addition to playing the audience, Peters told a number of humorous stories, including an incident in which he took a call from the King of Jordan, observations on women, and performing in various locales, including India, Ireland, and Spain. Though his longer pieces are obviously bits written before, and one can imagine his audience interactions pull from a bag of jokes he has stashed away in his brain, I was struck by the ease in which he makes it seem like everything is extemporaneous. And random stolen glances towards the VIP section confirmed that yes, indeed, No Doubt enjoyed Russell and everyone’s sets from the night.

Exiting the stage to the roar of an appreciative crowd, Peters, with Kanal and Dumont, headed across the hall to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. Sporting not one, but two security guards, the trio hung out first near the bar and later stage right, taking pictures throughout the night with well-wishers and general on-lookers. Towards last call, Dumont was coaxed onstage where he manned the guitar and played “Just A Girl” with the Pete’s Piano regular staff. As the rest of the bar patrons realized who was in attendance and rushed over, the members of No Doubt and their acquaintances eventually made their way to the back exit and headed off.

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  1. OMG! This is awesome news, wow!! My family and I absolutely love Russell Peters and the fact that No Doubt went to his show and hung out with him is unbelievable for us! When I showed this entry to my mom, she started freaking out! Thanks for posting, Jenny!

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