No Doubt Being Featured On Upcoming Guitar Hero 5


Holy crap! In more gaming news, Activision already announced plans for a fifth installment of Guitar Hero, but just posted a list of official names of artists being included in the game — and No Doubt is one of them! Too bad it doesn’t list song titles, but we would love to see something like “Hella Good” or “Just A Girl,” that would be sweet! The game hits stores September 1st!

We added the release date to our event calendar.

When Activision announced Guitar Hero 5, we knew little more than the game would include some notes, and possibly a popular ditty or two. Now, we know all sorts of stuff, like the proposed “Band Moments” and the game’s release date (9/1/09). But, we still haven’t seen anything on what we’ve all wanted to know: The included artists. Now, we’re happy to report that would-be rockers and rockettes now have a definitive list of talent featured in Activision’s latest cash generator music rhythm game. And, it’s staggering. So much so that we were forced to place the info past the break, for fear of an avalanche on the front page.

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  1. Those songs are already on Rockband as DLC. Actually the whole singles disk is, except for trapped in a box.

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