No Doubt Appearing on Portlandia January 11

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Heather from Greener Pastures has uploaded a scan from this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly that mentions the band’s upcoming appearance. It states: “That last sketch features an airborne No Doubt. “We wanted a ridiculous ending,” says Brownstein. “And there’s nothing more heightened than having a huge rock band in a hot-air balloon.”


Paper magazine gives us a little more insight to No Doubt’s cameo on the episode titled “Nina’s Birthday”. Sounds like they will be playing themselves… playing live. No Doubt is hired to play at a birthday party. We’re also hearing rumors of them performing on a hot-air balloon. Sounds interesting!

No Doubt have a fun little cameo playing themselves after they’re hired by Brownstein’s butch biker dude, Lance, to perform for his girlfriend Nina on her birthday.


It looks like No Doubt will be appearing on the second episode of the third season on Portlandia, which airs next Friday, January 11 (Tom’s birthday!) at 10:00 PM. We don’t know too much about the episode yet but it’s nice to have a date! We’ll post more details once they become available.

The third season premiered last night on IFC. It also appears that the episodes are available to stream on their website after they air so we’re all in luck who are not able to watch live. Thank you to Bo for the text about it!

5 Replies to “No Doubt Appearing on Portlandia January 11”

  1. ong i hate the butch skit lol oh well it says special appearance by a band in a hot air balloon and has their faces blurred out. Im like NO DOUBT i knew immediatley lol

  2. I hope people will recognize them, and plus this will be like the time when No Doubt was featured on Gossip Girl

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