No Doubt Rank #1 On KROQ’s List Of Albums Expected For 2012


No Doubt also made the Top 10 of International Business Time’s list and also Pop Justice’s list of top acts that could help save pop in 2012.

Pretty exciting! No Doubt has come in at #1 on the band’s local radio station KROQ’s new list of the Top 15 Alt Rock Albums Expected For 2012! Very much deserved. It will be so great to hear the band on rock radio again!

KROQ1. No Doubt

Once upon a time, a small ska-pop band from Anaheim, California called No Doubt became one of the most successful and decorated groups in the world. Multiple Grammy awards were won, a lead singer became an international sex symbol, and singles were busting out like Octomom does children. Then…zilch.

For the past ten years, what was very much in doubt was whether No Doubt would ever return with new music. After two years of innumerable hours in the studio, No Doubt have pretty much guaranteed their sixth LP will finally hit the public forum in 2012.

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